2023 RAM Promaster: Next-Gen RAM ProMaster Electric Exclusive Review

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2023 RAM Promaster The Ram ProMaster 2023 will be offered with a battery-electric powertrain, positioning it as a direct rival to General Motors’ upcoming BrightDrop EV600 electric utility van.

In a statement released Tuesday, Stellantis said its Ram Commercial division will introduce the battery-electric ProMaster in 2023 “in response to customer requests.”

Details on the van are limited at the moment, although we anticipate it will share certain body and chassis components with the internal combustion engine variant to reduce costs – similar to the new Ford F-150 Lightning.

Stellantis has sold battery-electric utility vans in Europe and other overseas markets under the Peugeot, Citroen, Opel, and Vauxhall brands.

The electric 2023 Ram ProMaster may share certain powertrain components with this van, which has a competitive EV powertrain that offers decent power and range.

The Peugeot E-Expert van, for example, is available with a 75 kWh lithium-ion battery, which gives an estimated range of around 200 miles, along with an electric motor that produces 134 horsepower and 191 pound-feet of torque.

The 2022 model year Ram ProMaster will be offered in 18 total configurations, including two roof heights, three wheelbase, and four vehicle lengths.

The largest version, the ProMaster 3500 High Roof, offers approximately 420.2 cubic feet of cargo space. The BrightDrop EV600, for reference, offers about 600 cubic feet of cargo space.

While it’s unclear which body style will be offered as the EV, it looks like the BrightDrop EV600 will beat the electric ProMaster in terms of total cargo capacity.

The first 500 units of the BrightDrop EV600 will be delivered to FedEx early next year. The first vans will be manufactured by German supplier Kuka AG at its facility in Michigan before GM moves production to GM’s CAMI Assembly plant in Ontario late next year.

2023 RAM Promaster Review: New RAM Promaster 2023

Over the past few years, the demand for full-size Ram ProMaster commercial vans has continued to grow. So much so that Stellantis has devised plans to expand production capacity at the Saltillo Van Assembly Plant in Mexico in recent years.

2023 RAM Promaster

This includes adding a third shift to the 2.8 million square foot facility, which now employs 2,404 (2,242 hours; 162 on payroll).

Stellaris is also increasing production by 4 jobs per hour, which should increase production to full capacity of 97,000 units per year by 2023 according to a presentation shown earlier this year to fleet owners.

Entering the 2022 model year, the Ram ProMaster receives an important mid-cycle action (MCA).

While it doesn’t address the exterior styling that some have criticized, it does give the van an updated cockpit full-size, major upgrades in technology, more standard safety features, and an updated powertrain to give the ProMaster a 9% fuel boost. economy.

But one commercial RAM variant that has not been kept secret, is the introduction of the new Ram ProMaster BEV (battery-electric vehicle) that will appear in 2023.

The new all-electric full-size van will offer commercial customers a petrol/diesel-free alternative to ship and provide service from. T

Thanks to the recent introduction of the Fiat E-Ducato (the FIAT brand all-electric offering from ProMaster architectural sibling, Ducato), we now know what the Ram version will be capable of.

The 2021 Fiat E-Ducato can achieve performance on par with its diesel counterparts, thanks to an electric motor with a maximum power delivery of 280 Nm (207 ft.-lbs.)

Of torque and 90 kW of power (or 122 horsepower). This means the E-Ducato can reach 0 to 50 km/h (31 mph) in about 5 seconds. While that may not seem like some of the great performance figures of most BEVs, the E-Ducato isn’t as tuned for performance as it is for efficiency.

The E-Ducato is also equipped with a range of modular solutions, starting with two different battery blocks.

There are 47 kWh and 79 kWh, best in class for installed electrical capacity, and four different charging modes. We believe that the Ram ProMaster BEV should come with a 79 kWh package, if not bigger once it hits the market.

With a 79-kWh battery, the E-Ducato can cover a distance of up to 280 kilometers (174 miles) in a Worldwide harmonized Light-Duty Vehicle Test Procedure (WLTP) cycle, the equivalent of 370 kilometers (230 miles) in an urban cycle.

It takes no more than half an hour to charge enough to drive 100 kilometers (62 miles). It’s worth mentioning that Stellantis offers a 10-year or 220,000 kilometers (136,700 miles) warranty on the 79-kWh battery pack.

In terms of flexibility, to meet such a wide and varied need, E-Ducato also offers a Drive Mode Selector. In the “Normal” position, it ensures an ideal balance between performance and cost, or it can be set to “Eco” mode to save energy.

When very heavy loads have to be carried or the vehicle faces a tough incline, the “Power” mode is the right choice. The E-Ducato has two other features to give drivers peace of mind –

“Turtle Mode” – similar to the battery saver function on a cell phone. It activates automatically when the battery is low and limits vehicle performance, to make the battery last 8 to 10% longer. “Recovery Mode” – If one battery module fails, another will replace it to ensure it can continue to run.

And thanks to its original and uncompromising front-wheel-drive architecture, the Ram ProMaster BEV (like the Fiat E-Ducato) has been modeled according to customer requirements.

With no bulk under the chassis and sufficient clearance between the side rails, the battery is optimally placed under the floor, leaving its full load capacity, and weighing almost 2 tons.

Another obvious advantage is optimal weight distribution and a reduced center of gravity, to improve vehicle handling under all load conditions. That battery can be seen in a recent spy photo from our friends at GabetzSPYUnit.

We can see the optional 16-inch x 6-inch aluminum alloy wheels from the Ram ProMaster lineup, equipped on this tester.

This particular ProMaster BEV 2023 Ram appears to be parked in the Stellantis vault. While we can’t see much of the front of the vehicle because it’s facing inward, we can see that the front fascia is heavily camouflaged.

It seems that this electrified model has also adopted the LED taillights from the E-Ducato. Most of the BEV models in the world today adopt LED exterior lighting, we hope the Ram ProMaster BEV will do the same.

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2023 RAM Promaster Refresh

Ram will offer the all-electric ProMaster commercial van in 2023 in response to consumer demand, Stellantis NV said Tuesday, making it one of the first EVs to be offered by the US-based automaker’s brand.

For now, though, the gas-powered ProMaster gets a ’22 refresh with connectivity, technology, and security updates.

It also includes the next-generation Pentastar V-6 engine, the TorqueFlite nine-speed automatic transmission, the Uconnect 5 infotainment system, and a new crew van configuration that can seat three in the second row.

The vehicles will be available at multiple dealerships starting in the fourth quarter of this year.

Ram ProMaster continues to evolve as we listen to and respond to customer feedback, and delivers an unrivaled combination of advanced connectivity, interior comfort, refinement, and safety features,” said Ram CEO Mike Koval Jr. in a statement.

“Ram Commercial continues to focus on building only the best commercial trucks and vans that will enable us to give hardworking people the confidence of every day, regardless of their field of work.

The next step in its mission is an all-electric offering as part of Stellantis’ $35.5 billion commitment to EVs by 2025. The timeline shared earlier this month does not include the launch of the all-electric Ram until the first half of 2023.

The electric ProMaster could debut in the second half of this year. A Jeep EV pegged for early 2023.

But electric commercial vans will precede the all-electric Ram 1500 pickup truck slated for 2024.

Ram says the majority of its segment will have an EV option by 2025, with all segments covered by 2030. Stellantis already offers electric commercial vans in Europe. Ford Motor Co. sells its E-Transit van in the US

2023 RAM Promaster Changes

Meanwhile, Ram promises that the Ram ProMaster 2022 Commercial van will be the most advanced ProMaster ever with new levels of safety, comfort, connectivity, and efficiency.

Ram claims the 2022 ProMaster will set a new benchmark for connectivity, interior comfort, and security. That’s a huge promise in a segment that Ford and GM have been playing with for years.

“Ram ProMaster continues to evolve as we listen to and respond to customer feedback, and delivers an unmatched combination of advanced connectivity, interior comfort, refinement, and safety features,” said Mike Koval Jr., Chief Executive Officer of Ram Brand – Stellantis.

“Ram Commercial continues to focus solely on building the best commercial trucks and vans that will allow us to give hardworking people the confidence of every day, regardless of their line of work.”

The new safety features are impressive. Standard safety features include Full Speed Forward Collision Warning, post-collision braking, Drowsiness Detection, Traffic Sign Recognition, rear camera, push-button starter, and electric parking brake.

Available driver assistance technologies include Active Driving Assist, Adaptive Cruise Control with Stop & Go, Intelligent Speed Assist, Lane Keep Assist, 360-degree Surround View camera, front parking sensor, auto high-beams, and fog lamp cornering function.

The van is equipped with Uconnect 5 and a standard 3.5-inch driver display and a 7-inch Uconnect touchscreen. However, buyers can upgrade to a 7-inch driver screen, a 10-inch Uconnect touchscreen, and a wireless phone charger.
The Ram ProMaster is now available in a Crew Van configuration and can carry up to three passengers in the second row.

The Ram ProMaster features the latest generation of the 3.6 liter Pentastar V-6 engine. The Ram ProMaster has a towing capability of up to 6,910 pounds and a best-in-class 4,680-pound payload. The 2022 Ram ProMaster will be in dealer lots in the 4th quarter of 2021.

2023 RAM Promaster Interior and Exterior

The Ram 1500 pickup won a large segment of the light truck market by upgrading the truck’s interior and exterior and maintaining price.

Ram is now upgrading the 2022 ProMaster 2500 to catch up with sales in the commercial van market, in the same way.

Ram upgrades the interior and technology in the 2022 ProMaster 2500 and 3500. Ram also promises that Ram Commercial will introduce the battery-electric ProMaster in 2023. The electric Ram 1500 will not mature until 2024.

All Ram has to say at this point is that “Ram Commercial will introduce the battery-electric ProMaster in 2023 in response to customer requests. More information will be available at a later date.”

In April this year, Reuters reported, from Milan, that Stellantis “launched its first big electric van, the Fiat e-Ducato, as part of its efforts to expand its range of battery electric and hybrid vehicles.” Stellantis says it will offer electric versions of nearly all of its lineup by 2025.

According to Reuters, “the e-Ducato, which has a range of about 370 km (230 miles) on a single charge, is already available for order to clients and will be followed this year by other similar large vans manufactured by Stellantis under the Peugeot, Opel and Opel Brands. Citroen.”

The Ram ProMaster and van Ducato have the same foundation and many of the same body panels. The Ram ProMaster is made in Mexico and may share the same electrical architecture as the e-Ducato.

During its EV Day, in July, Stellantis executives discussed the importance and development of the electric Ram 1500.

Head of Design Ralph Gilles explained the platform to be used and outlined the new STLA Frame platform that will support the all-new Ram 1500 electric vehicle, which is promised for 2024.

There are four STLA platforms, the Frame will provide the foundation for the body on frame vehicles such as the large SUV and Ram truck.

STLA is pronounced Stella, and the different sizes correspond to the size of the battery. Frame size batteries should be 159-200 kilowatt hours and provide a range of up to 500 miles.

2023 RAM Promaster Electric

Electrification will be a major focus at Stellantis over the next few years as it hosts the launch of battery-powered offerings across the group’s 14 automotive brands.

From Ram, we already know that an all-electric pickup truck is expected in 2024. However, it’s not the first vehicle from the division to be sold without a combustion engine. That honor will go to the ProMaster van.

In his announcement yesterday, Ram only responded to customer requests. The first all-electric ProMaster will debut in 2023. Meanwhile, there will be an updated version of the 2022 model, which was introduced yesterday.

Back in July, Ram CEO Mike Koval Jr. said during the major announcement of the Stellantis plan, that its division will offer “fully electrified solutions in most segments by 2025 and a wide range of electric solutions for all of our segments by 2030”, as reported by Automotive News.

At that time, Stellantis also announced plans to invest more than USD 35 billion through 2025. Four platforms for electric vehicles are expected, offering a range of between 480 and 800 km.

Stellantis wants 40 percent of its sales in the US to be electric vehicles by 2030.

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2023 RAM Promaster Engine

Meanwhile, the gas-powered ProMaster gets a 3.6-liter Pentastar V-6 engine and a nine-speed transmission that offers 280 horsepower and 260 pound-feet of torque, according to the company.

It has up to 6,910 pounds of towing capability, 4,680 pounds of payload, and 463 cubic feet of cargo space. The powertrain offers up to a 9% increase in fuel economy. All models are front-wheel drive.

The ProMaster is available in 18 configurations, including two roof heights, three wheelbases, and four vehicle lengths ranging from 8 to 13.5 feet. The new crew van package is available in six different high-top cargo van models.

The ProMaster 2022 also has the most safety features ever offered on a Ram full-size commercial van, including standard full-speed forward collision warning, rear backup camera, drowsiness detection, traffic sign recognition, and keyless entry.

Options include Level 2 active assist, adaptive cruise control, a 360-degree surround-view camera, and an unobstructed digital rearview mirror.

A subscription-based Ram Telematics service is also available, offering fleet managers the ability to track their vehicles, obtain diagnostic and performance information and receive over-the-air updates.

The Van offers 7 and 10-inch touchscreens that can be reconfigured with the five times faster Uconnect 5 that offers TomTom navigation in addition to Android Auto and Apple CarPlay.

The instrumental panel display is standard at 3.5 inches and available at 7 inches.

Ram sold more than 29,000 ProMaster vans in the first half of 2021 in the United States, a 66% year-over-year increase.

2023 RAM Promaster Price

The base cargo van model of the 2022 Ram ProMaster starts at $34,380. Window van models start at $39,140.

Cutaway models start at $32,340, and chassis cab models start at $32,990.

2023 RAM Promaster Release Date

In his announcement yesterday, Ram only responded to customer requests. The first all-electric ProMaster will debut in 2023.