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2023 Dodge Charger The Dodge Charger is an iconic muscle car, and the current four-door version has been with us for over 10 years now. Yes, it’s really the same car that came out in 2011 under the bodywork.

We like the way it drives (especially compared to its two-door sibling Challenger), and some variants have more than enough performance to make up for the shortcomings of, well, others.

Because it’s based on a base sedan, the Charger isn’t loaded with the latest technology or the best luxuries you’d expect from a 2023 model year engine. It just isn’t out of place in 2023.

With many major updates and the addition of Hellcats, Redeyes, 2023 Dodge Charger Scat Pack, and 2023 Dodge Charger Widebody, we were able to keep the big sedan relevant, but the Charger has bad news.

Dodge plans to annihilate its unique sedan and one of the last full-scale non-luxury sedans on the market by 2024. So 2023 will be one of the last years to get a new charger. So what’s the future of Charger? Electronic, lots.

Rumor has it the Charger will be replaced with a new EV sedan, but details are scarce. We don’t even know if it will bear the Charger name, although it makes sense as an EV name if you really think about it.

While we’re sad to see this high horsepower symbol of American muscle go away, it’s time for a change. We just hope whatever Dodge does next lives up to its name.

2023 Dodge Charger Review

The Dodge Charger 2023 is a tire-smoking piece of automotive nostalgia, which happens to offer plenty of room for five adults and their luggage.


Best known for having a very over-the-top engine and thick racing lines running along its body, the 2023 Charger is a 4-door muscle car that harkens back to an era of simpler cars — and far more fuel-efficient. world.

Time is ticking on the Charger lineup, with rumors suggesting the most powerful supercharged V8 will be phased out after the 2023 model year. Within 1-2 years, an entirely new and potentially electrified version of the Charger will break.

Details are scarce at the time of this writing, although the design of the next-generation Charger is expected to retain the broad-shouldered appeal and nostalgic details that have made this American sedan beloved for more than a decade.

Don’t get me wrong: Not all Chargers have a thrilling Hemi Hellcat engine with over 700 horsepower.

The base powertrain includes a very respectable 3.6-liter V6 that sends 292 horsepower to the rear wheels via an 8-speed automatic transmission. For all-season convenience, Charger V6 shoppers can opt to add the all-wheel drive as well.

2023 Dodge Charger Interior

The cabin offers large, comfortable seats that are great for long trips, although the interior layout and many materials look about a decade untouched.

There aren’t many faults with the UConnect infotainment system, thanks to clear menus and fast response times.

Of course, when the conversation turns to the Charger’s response, the main action is the optional Hemi V8s.

These range from 5.7-liter and 6.4-liter V8 engines, to a pair of supercharged 6.2-liter engines offering 717 or 797 horsepower in the Hellcat and 2023 Dodge Charger Hellcat Redeye models.

2023 Dodge Charger Concept

There is no longer an option to purchase the powerful 2023 Dodge Charger SRT, but the Dodge Charger will be available in 2023. According to a recent report, Hellcat will be discontinued after 2023.

We know Dodge is heading for electric cars, but it could rob one of the most powerful cars on the market.

The disappearance of the Charger Hellcat may not come as a surprise as the
emission regulations are tightened. At the highest specs, the car gets only 15mpg in overall driving.

The current generation Charger was introduced in 2011 and, like the 2door Challenger, the four-door performance sedan has remained largely unchanged since then.

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2023 Dodge Charger Specs

The charger is now available in a variety of configurations, including the SXT trim and its 300 horsepower 3.6-liter V6. The R / T 5.7 liter V8 offers more thrills at 370hp, but you can access the 6.4 liter V8 by upgrading to the 485hp Scat package.

The 6.2-liter V8 of the SRT model produces 717-797hp depending on the equipment.

Despite its age, chargers continue to be a popular seller for buyers looking for muscle car excitement. There were rumors of a redesign in 2024, but it doesn’t seem to be official yet.

Early teaser images suggest Dodge may be planning to build an electric muscle car inspired by the iconic Challenger.

2023 Dodge Charger Redesign

An artist came up with an imaginary (and perfect) Charger design that fits perfectly into housing the mighty Mopar Hemi engine.

Here we have a car that will definitely pay off and almost certainly won’t. This is a sedan that could be the Dodge Charger of our dreams, with a V12 engine and nicknamed the ‘2023 Dodge Charger Hellelephant’ a reference to the Hellephant crate engine.

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen the Hellelephant engine in a car in a rendering, but it’s probably one of the best.

Colored between navy blue and mint blue, the car sits atop the standard white SRT Charger.

There are various major changes, the most impressive of all, the front grille, hood lines, and headlights with the front bumper also benefit from the nip and tuck.

It has flush grips, a slightly different rear wing, new hood channels, and wheels that are not only bigger but also black.

We can see the brake vents behind the front wheels where there’s usually a large crease in the driver’s door and an overall, whole-body just looks less straight and boxy than the factory Charger, with a much more muscular front grille and overhangs – giving it a ‘bottle coke’ profile. right.

The Hellephant’s crate engine, which is a $30,000, 7-liter V8 with 1,000 hp and 950 lb-ft of torque, has not been officially installed on the Charger by its parent company.

Instead, there are always V8 options from the 5.7-liter, 6.4-liter, and 6.2-liter Hellcat with 707 hp and 650 lb-ft of torque.

We can only imagine how much power the V12 puts out, but that has to surpass the 1,000 hp of the 7-liter V8.

For now, we have one question – how can companies spend so much time and money on designs when we have pixel masters like tuningcar_ps capable of tweaking designs without funding.

The answer may be more boring; the company has more limitations like pedestrian safety, crash testing, airflow optimization, plus repairs and more.

So, we liked the idea of a V12, the colors, and design of the car, and hopefully, Dodge consider making a V12 engine, ideally for the Dodge Durango to make the most sleep.

2023 Dodge Charger EV

2023 Dodge Charger E Dodge is ready to turn the page towards EVs and electrification starting next year. All good things have to end, as they say.

According to an interview from Motor Authority published Monday, Dodge CEO Tim Kuniskis confirmed the Challenger and Charger Hellcat models won’t last past 2023.

There will be two years left for buyers to pick up ultra-powerful muscle cars, and after that, they’re dead.

Not that the Charger and Challenger themselves are dead, but the names that helped bring sedans and coupes to life in recent years are retiring, the CEO said.

This was Dodge’s decision at the end of the day as the engine would still meet emissions regulations, but the brand would need to pay more money to pay the compliance fine. It’s not on the table for the brand.

Instead, things really started off next year with three interesting things. The first is something we already know: electric concept cars. This will be a preview of the upcoming “eMuscle” electric car for 2024, which looks super retro and wears the reincarnated Fratzog emblem.

The second will be a new plug-in hybrid vehicle, potentially a small SUV. Ultimately, the third big incident remains a secret, although Kuniskis told the MA that everyone should be “excited” about it.

Having hinted his work will balance base Dodge and the new era of EV, maybe this is some sort of delivery model for the Hellcats before they use up their remaining nine lives.

Dodge confirmed Kuniskis’ statement in a statement and said, “The [Hellcat] powertrain as we know it will be built through 2023 (calendar year). In 2024, we are moving. The new Dodge cars will be electrified.”

The brand is launching a “Never Lift” campaign for the next two years in which it plans some sort of announcement every three months.

It started with news of Direct Connection parts returns, Jailbreak models, new Power Broker-dealers, and massive car giveaways through the end of the year.

Parent automaker Stellantis gave each brand a decade to shape their business or perhaps face adversity, so really, Dodge has used this Never Lift strategy a lot — and electric muscle cars.

2023 Dodge Charger Hellcat

We have known for some time that the end of Hell is drawing near. Earlier this year, Dodge CEO Tim Kuniskis said so but the exact ending remains ambiguous.

Now, that’s narrowed down to the model year – 2023 to be specific. With the 2022 model year just around the corner, the Hellcat’s final ride will be upon us before we know it.

This means that this latest report from the Motor Authority is accurate. We have no reason to believe it, as the Dodge Kuniskis boss is once again cited as the source of this latest information.

We’ve reached out to Dodge for immediate confirmation and we’ll update this article with a statement if we receive it, but there’s little reason to doubt 2023 as the last year for the Hellcat model.

Hell Cat Durango will be gone; it’s always meant to be a one-and-done model. In August we reported on Kuniskis stating Dodge’s new electric muscle car will arrive in 2024. When you set things up, 2023 comes to an obvious conclusion.

There is only one catch to note. The report from August we just mentioned? In it, Kuniskis suggests there may be some overlap between the next-generation electric muscle and the outgoing Hellcats.

That goes against recent statements that definitively end the supercharged Charger and Challenger in 2023, which is why we’re pushing Dodge for an official statement. But wait, there’s more.

In a recent report, Kuniskis stated a functional prototype of the new EV muscle car will appear in 2022. Whether it emerges as a so-called near-production vehicle or a wild concept is unknown, but perhaps this fits Dodge’s definition of live muscle electric and internal combustion.

Side by side. It’s going to be a stretch, but with most of the major automakers accelerating EV development, perhaps a Hellcat replacement could arrive a little earlier.

For now, at least, the Hemi V8 power is alive and well. Dodge recently unveiled new Jailbreak versions of the SRT Challenger and Charger Redeye models, offering new color options, a custom badge, and an increase in the output of the 6.2-liter Hellcat to 807 horsepower.

And we highly doubt this will be the last round of special edition hell kitty before they go soundless into the night.

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2023 Dodge Charger Daytona

Dodge has always made some of the manliest cars in America. And back in the days when restomods didn’t cost $200,000, the Daytona Charger would make your dad the coolest on the block. Although rarely seen, people are still inspired by this late ’60s icon.

The Chrysler-engineered beast was the first in NASCAR history to break the 200-mph (322-kph) record at Talladega. But we don’t think performance or motorsport heritage is the defining characteristic. No, it must be his nose.

The Daytona and its rival, the Plymouth Superbird, are the muscle car equivalent of the unicorn. Not only are they rare, but those striking noses have a fantasy character element to them.

Returning to the topic of this story, we have another digital artist inspired by the long-nosed slim design.

Cutting_pixels has decided to create a modern 2022 version of the car and opted for a rather unusual foundation. Yes, it’s a Challenger, not a Charger, but it’s the only modern muscle car that looks like a classic.

No, the real controversy of this started out as the Speedkore version of the Demon.

The Dodge Demon was already a monster with steroid-infused biceps and an engine that many thoughts was too powerful for a streetcar. And on top of this, we have the Speedkore treatment that makes the car carbon exotic.

This is in contrast to the classic muscle car spell of working your car in the garage and maybe even doing a colorful repaint after experiencing a minor ding one Friday night during a race.

But it’s safe to say no one imagined Daytona like this. Instead of a completely smooth body that cuts through the air but handles like a barge when you pick it up in the Forza 5, it has a lower stance with wide tires.

The scooped hood from the Demon isn’t very NASCAR-like, while the nose is reminiscent of the 1977 Trans Am.

2023 Dodge Charger Police

2023 Dodge Charger Police Car The Dodge Charger isn’t just a popular sedan in the United States. It is also a popular police vehicle in V6 or V8 format.

Dodge makes a police-specific Charger with a large number of upgrades straight from the factory, and an Australian import company wants to bring that capability to police agencies. Making it happen – with Dodge’s backing – may not be easy.

SCD Remanufactured Vehicles is the importer in question. We recently reported on the company’s plans to bring Charger chase vehicles to Australia, where the disappearance of the Ford Falcon and Holden Commodore has left police agencies struggling to find affordable high-performance replacements.

A charger with its Hemi V8 power could fill that role, but Dodge only offers the car in a left-drive configuration and according to CarAdvice, the automaker has no affiliation or relationship with SCD Remanufactured Vehicles.

That’s a problem because Dodge basically doesn’t know how the SCD conversion might affect the Charger. CarAdvice allegedly received a statement from Dodge explaining the situation, stating that Stellantis and its Australian partner FCA Australia “cannot guarantee or endorse that the conversion process used by SCD,

Its affiliates and third-party importers not approved by the manufacturer adhere to strict quality standards. and safety requirements defined by our internal processes and our company requirements.”

As for SCD, the company is reportedly still committed to importing cars and meeting full volume compliance under Australian regulations. Such compliance does not necessarily require the cooperation or approval of the primary producer,

But it is not clear exactly how this compliance can be met without some measure of producer involvement.

Moving the steering wheel in a car takes considerable work and expense, and it’s unclear how it will affect various safety systems or crash structures.

Ultimately, meeting the requirements could increase the price of the Charger to the same or higher level than the high-end Mercedes models currently in use in some locations.

The Kia Stingers have also been recruited for pursuit duty, though with the Stinger likely ending next spring, that’s only a short-term solution.

Meanwhile, SCD already has two Dodge V6 Chargers imported and tweaked to show police agents what the car can do. We suspect the future of this program will depend on the response of this initial offer.

2023 Dodge Charger TRX

Digital car renderer Oscar Vargas has created a rendering of the Dodge Charger TRX off-roader that may have the potential to take on Ford’s long-awaited off-roader performance.

This is a very unusual creation. Of course, we know the TRX as the performance truck RAM line that bears that name. However, it will leverage the Dodge Charger to build, in effect, an off-road muscle truck.

The shape of the Charger’s general grille and fascia is still visible, but underneath there’s now a protective plate like you’d see on the RAM TRX, and the front bumper looks a lot fatter than a standard muscle car.

The front of the car is now less aerodynamically driven compared to conventional muscle cars.

Another point to note is the highly altered wheel arch this creation has. The arch sits higher than the standard Charger and has more space inside. While the tires and wheels aren’t particularly bulky, that extra space will be essential to accommodate the extra suspension travel that the new truck design will have.

The whole front of the car does look more like something you’d expect from RAM. However, the rest of the car still retains many of the original lines from the Charger muscle car version.

Overall, the body design of the Charger TRX is very similar to the original muscle car. The sides of the main body feature bulges and lines through the doors, while the rear still has a rear lip spoiler.

The wheel arches at the rear follow the same design as at the front, with more room to accommodate suspension travel. On the very rear quarter panel of the truck, we can see the TRX logo, to help signify that this is a very different type of Charger.

It’s a unique design, and it’s interesting to ponder what its performance potential is like.

2023 Dodge Charger 2 Door

Logically, we all know Dodge will never make a two-door version of the modern Charger. If it was on the menu, it would have been.

We’ve featured several other renderings of the modern Dodge Charger coupe in the past, some better than others.

2023 Dodge Charger V12 Horsepower

Frankly, one should never fully trust someone who changes perceptions. Either just for fun or for a living. Having said that, maybe we should all accept the idea of this automotive virtual artist.

The pixel master better known as tuningcar_ps on social media thinks the right way to start Mopar 2022 is with an interesting model-year shift.

This isn’t the first time a CGI expert has envisioned a new seventh-generation/all-new Dodge Charger, of course.

Nor will it be the last time. But whether it’s just a play on words, a way of signaling this is the digital content creator’s twelfth version on the subject, or he actually intends to show off the Dodge Charger V12 Hellelephant 2023 is anyone’s guess.

As far as we’re concerned, we think it’s the middle choice because of the way “v12” is written. Unfortunately, this is just wishful thinking, and the author has no pretense of authenticity.

So, we can all dream a little bit and imagine the huge blow the twelve-cylinder Charger will deliver to its competitors. Sure, the odds are slim, but we can always take a CGI leap of faith and see what comes out of it.

After all, the imagined Dodge Charger 2023 looks sleek and modern with or without a powerful engine under the hood. The author wanted it to exude more style and thus opted for a “face style (with) curvier.”

Obviously, this is a work in progress, as this isn’t the first time it’s shown off a sleek new front fascia.

And naturally for the better, just as fine wine ages, it now has an aggressive demeanor, hidden doorknobs, and a Hellephant crate engine hiding under the hood. We don’t mind at all this being “stock”.

Especially considering the V8 comes with no less than 1,000 horsepower in OEM form.

Update: The author was not only friendly enough to give autoevolution a shout-out but also posted a new POV. Which, of course, comes below, along with our own shouts for a clean rendering job!

2023 Dodge Charger Hellelephant HP

The Envisioned Hellelephant V12 Charger Puts Design Above Everything
The Hellephant’s crate engine, which is a $30,000, 7-liter V8 with 1,000 hp and 950 lb-ft of torque, has not been officially installed on the Charger by its parent company.

2023 Dodge Charger Price

We expect the Dodge Charger 2023 in its entry-level format to have a starting price of around $32,000.

Of course, this is just the tip of the Charger iceberg, and there are many ways to make this American sedan much faster, and much more expensive.

One more practical option is the addition of all-wheel drive to the SXT and GT trims equipped with the base V6. This adds about $3,000 to the price, depending on the trim chosen.

For some high-speed thrills without giving up Hellcat’s hefty cash levels, the Charger R/T and Scat Pack have V8 power and a price tag of around $40,000 to $45,000.

The high-end Hellcat and Hellcat Redeye are sure to be future collectibles, although you’ll have to give up a lot of dimes to buy them now. Budgets run from $73,000 to $83,000 each — that’s if you can find them in dealer lots.

2023 Dodge Charger Release Date

Early teaser images suggest Dodge may be planning to build an electric muscle car inspired by the iconic Challenger. We currently estimate the Charger 2023 release date to be around late 2022 or early 2023.


Previously on Dodge Charger Review

2023 Dodge Charger is ready to turn the page towards EVs and electrification starting next year. Dodge Charger’s initial 2023 plans reveal plans to put electric spins on the muscle car segment. It also needs to ditch the V8 but the act of adopting electrification won’t immediately push the Challenger and Charger out of reach. As for the Platform, which comes in 2024 with the hope that this car will not end if seen from the timeline, it is estimated that there will still be a V8-powered Charger and Challenger for the 2025 model year.

Although there is no official info as of yet at this stage it is estimated that new variants of both cars are on their way and that they will remain in production in Canada until at least 2023. Updates on the 2023 Dodge Charger This could refer to trim levels, package options, or a more comprehensive redesign. Although the 2023 Dodge Charger Challenger turns 13 in 2021.

The company has done a spectacular job of keeping it fresh with design updates with the successor to be exclusively offered with an electric powertrain. The 2023 Dodge Charger will be built on the STLA Large platform developed by parent company Stellantis to support all-wheel-drive performance cars. This chassis can’t be refitted to take on a 6.2-liter supercharged V8.

We firmly believe muscle car enthusiasts will welcome the upcoming Dodge EV. Kuniskis admits the model won’t please everyone but he hopes it will bring in enough new customers.

    Two mighty and melodic V-8 options are more nimble than size, old-school vibes with a modern twist.
    Cabin material mediocre largest wheels reduce ride quality steering has no feedback.
    The charger is flawed but it offers something most non-luxury V-8 rear-drive layouts don’t have.

2023 Dodge Charger Review

The last Dodge Charger arrived as a completely redesigned model in 2011 and has become a staple in that car lineup. Despite entering its 12th model year to be sold without a major redesign, the Dodge Charger is expected to be a carryover model.

When the Charger arrived in 2011 it appeared on screen with a classic touch plucked straight from the old model. Sharp headlights, lower air intakes, and a large hood scoop give the Charger an impressive look that no other sedan can match.

It’s been so long since the Dodge Challenger, Charger, and Chrysler 300 were new that we’ve passed three presidents. This time Dodge confirmed the Kuniskis statement in a statement that the new EV will be electrified. Never Lift a campaign for the next two years where it plans some sort of announcement every three months. It starts with news about Direct Connection parts returns, Jailbreak models, new Power Broker dealerships, and massive car giveaways through the end of the year.

This electric concept car will be a preview of the upcoming “eMuscle” electric car for 2024 which looks super retro and wears the Fratzog emblem which is reincarnated the second will be a new plug-in hybrid vehicle and potentially a small SUV.

Dodge’s decision at the end of the day because the engine would still meet emissions regulations but the brand would need to pay more money to pay the compliance fine was not on the table for the brand.

The rear of the current Charger has a sculpted rear bumper with a custom “racetrack” taillight layout and a large exhaust outlet. As a carryover model, the Dodge Charger will retain the same exterior design as the current sedan.

On top of a 7-inch touchscreen, the Charger is currently equipped with four USB ports, Bluetooth, Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, and satellite radio. 8.4-inch touchscreen, 19-speaker Harman Kardon audio system, Wi-Fi hot spots, and navigation are available. These features are expected to be offered on the Charger 2023.

2023 Dodge Charger Report

The Hellcat era is coming to an end when Dodge CEO Tim Kuniskis has revealed that the almighty engine will die by the end of 2023. Speaking to Motor Authority at the Los Angeles Auto Show, Kuniskis said, “There are two more years to buy the Hellcat, so that’s history. ”

Kuniskis went on to explain the powertrain would remain around “until the end of ’23” and that his death was partly the result of “compliance fines” targeting gas guzzlers like the Charger and Challenger SRT Hellcat.

Unfortunately, Hellcat wasn’t the only one to die as MotorTrend reported that the company dumped the baby in the bathwater. As a result, Kuniskis says “the cars you know today will be out of production by the time we reach 2024.” The Charger and Challenger will reportedly be replaced by “a new car on a new platform,” though the executive declined to say whether the vehicles will stick with the familiar name.

The move is part of the brand’s Never Lift strategy and Kuniskis notes there’s a lot in the pipeline including the electric muscle car concept that was mocked earlier this year. This model will debut in the next four or five months, and it helps to preview what we can expect in 2024.

Shortly, a mysterious Dodge plug-in hybrid will go into production late next year. Little is known about it, but the vehicle will be a “new car” to be shown soon. That’s not much to go on, but the model isn’t a Durango plug-in hybrid and the Kuniskis isn’t committed to the future of SUVs. However, previous reports have suggested the model will die and that goes along with the executive’s statement that the current Dodge lineup will be gone by 2024.

The plug-in hybrid isn’t the only new model on the horizon as Kuniskis told MotorTrend that the company will introduce “a very, very, very, significant car by the end of the year.” Details are missing, but Dodge seems to think it’s a big deal.

While Dodge is going through a major transformation, it looks like the Charger and Challenger will come out with a bang as the company promises lots of buzz and special edition models like the Jailbreak variant that was introduced last week.

2023 Dodge Charger Redesign

This redesign could make or break FCA’s big muscle sedan, should they redesign it all together? The 2023 Dodge Charger is expected to make the switch to the Giorgio FCA platform. FCA also teased us with this little easter egg in the latest Challenger press photo. The design of the odometer is quite comfortable perhaps accumulating over 2,000 miles.

The 2023 Dodge Charger is a new platform that will usher in FCA’s next generation of big cars. TheSketchMonkey has been reworking stock photos of cars for some time, and I have to say he might not be too far off from the look of the Charger 2023 with some of his renderings likely to trip me up, but I think he’s definitely into something here, and I have to say that I am. fan of this render.

Of course, this isn’t the real thing at all, it’s just an interpretation of what the Charger 2023 looks like.

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2023 Dodge Charger Specs

There are six different engines available for the Charger at this time. All of these engines are expected to be offered on the previous model. The standard engine is a 3.6-liter V6 that produces 292 horsepower and is equipped with rear-wheel drive. With all-wheel drive, the engine produces 300 hp. The 5.7-liter V8 engine is the next step, producing 370 hp.

A 6.4-liter V8 engine rated at 485 hp is the next available engine. There are two supercharged 6.2-liter V8 engines, with one producing 717 hp and the other producing 797 hp. All engines are mated to an 8-speed automatic transmission.

  • MSRP: From $32,350 Est
  • Horsepower: 292 to 797 hp
  • MPG: Up to 19 city / 30 highway
  • Curb weight: 3,964 to 4,586 lbs
  • Engine: 3.6 L V6, 5.7 L V8, 6.2 L V8, 6.4 L V8

2023 Dodge Charger Interior: Infotainment and Connectivity

The interior of the Charger is very functional but the opposite of luxury with more rubber. Apart from the excellent rear-seat legroom, there is also slightly below-average passenger space. The simple cabin design is that of a classic muscle car, but the options are plenty.

Although the luggage volume is similar to that of most of its competitors, the Charger can fit an extra carry case then its competitors. It holds a total of 18 with the rear seat saved beating the Maxima and Kia Stinger fastback-hatchback three. The center console has plenty of space for small items and a slot beside the shifter which is perfect for storing your smartphone.

The Challenger has a version of the excellent Uconnect infotainment system that comes standard with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto as part of a 7.0-inch or 8.4-inch touchscreen. While the systems we tested produced good response times some of the optional controls were only accessible via the touchscreen the Wi-Fi hotspot was also not available.

2023 Dodge Charger Powertrain

The Challenger gets another 10 horsepower, for a total of 807 hp. Dodge stomped on the accelerator and revealed another part of the Never Lift brand campaign—two new Charger and Challenger variants. On the Charger and Challenger models, the SRT Hellcat Redeye Widebody Jailbreak and is a very long name to type.

In essence, the Jailbreak models don’t add any major new features but they open up options that were previously restricted to Hellcat Redeye Widebody cars. The Challenger gets another 10 horsepower to increase the output from 797 hp to 807 hp.

It’s all about paying a little more to get the muscle car buyers to want. Otherwise, customers can wander around with options like the yellow Challenger with brass wheels, or the carbon fiber is woven copper trim with gray leather.

The Challenger Hellcat Redeye Widebody Jailbreak features seven seats, a choice of stripes and wheels, multiple seat belt colors and floor mats, and a plethora of options for exterior colors, brake calipers, badge finishes, and more. All of the options might be overwhelming so Dodge went ahead and made some cars that you can order as-is too.

Jailbreak Old School Challenger that adorns the exterior of the F8 Green with 20-inch satin carbon wheels. Equipped with satin chrome accents that fill more of the exterior, and gray accents with aluminum trim sweep the cockpit as well as a twill headliner.

Dodge made the Brass Funky model with a Hellraisin exterior color and 20-inch Brass Monkey wheels. Other brass accents go into the grille and badge. Inside, Laguna sepia leather upholstery, carbon-fiber trim, and a suede headliner complete the look.

2023 Dodge Charger Scat Pack

For the 2022 model year, the Dodge Charger is available in 8 different trim levels (SXT, SXT AWD, GT, GT AWD, R/T, Scat Pack, SRT Hellcat, and SRT Hellcat Redeye). There are also several different packages in that trim, offering more attitude and performance.

2023 Dodge Charger Hellcat

Production of the Hellcat will, unfortunately, end in 2023 and Dodge CEO Tim Kuniskis told Motor Authority that production of the supercharged 6.2-liter V-8 will end and be replaced by the upcoming eMuscle EV.

Dodge is preparing to launch an electric muscle car for 2024 under the so-called eMuscle, and the concept car will be revealed next year. As if the news is hard enough for muscle car enthusiasts, Dodge CEO Tim Kuniskis confirmed to Motor Authority that production of the supercharged V-8 Hellcat will end the year before electric cars arrive.

The Hellcat’s supercharged 6.2-liter Hemi V-8 engine produces 702 to 840 horsepower and has been found in models such as the Dodge Challenger, Charger, and Durango SRT Hellcats (though only in three-row SUVs for one model year) as well as the Jeep Grand Cherokee Trackhawk and Challenger SRT. Demons. While the report doesn’t mention the Ram 1500 TRX, we contacted a Ram spokesperson who said “no comment.” Funny, that’s how we feel.

Early next year Dodge will show the electric muscle car concept and reveal some of the specifications on the new model. The teaser photos released this summer show the exact retro form of the concept, although it’s still unclear whether two- and four-door models will be available like the Challenger and Charger. Kuniskis also said he expects a new plug-in hybrid model, which could be a reference to the rumored Hornet crossover. There are even rumors of Chevy replacing the Camaro with an electric sedan.

Well, you have two more years to buy the Hellcat, which currently starts at $62,975 for the Challenger SRT Hellcat. We’re not going to let the Hellcat’s harsh whimper from its supercharger be forgotten by the whispering roar of an electric motor.

2023 Dodge Charger Engine

The previous 2023 Dodge Charger had the distinction of being the only V-8-powered sedan that started under $40,000. The Charger delivers on its NASCAR roots with the mighty V-8 power and noise. But not every Charger has the mighty Hemi V-8 under the hood all sharing an excellent eight-speed automatic transmission and standard rear-wheel drive.

But otherwise, the V-6 is softer but adds to the availability of all-wheel drive Dodge doesn’t make the Charger with a manual gearbox but it would be much cooler if it did. The more powerful version excels on the strip, where the 485-hp Charger R/T Scat Pack posted an impressive 3.8-second sprint to 60 mph.

The 370-hp Charger has enough horses to outrun most family sedans. The NSBright (Green Go) Charger we paraded around the city had a calm and serene ride. Its large 20-inch wheels are relaxed on most surfaces but obstacles such as railroad crossings and potholes disturb its composure.

The large sedan is also very balanced when cornering. Although the V-6 version we tested had nearly the same cornering grip the Daytona’s hefty horsepower advantage amplified the fun. The electrically assisted power steering contributes to the Charger’s purposeful control but the feedback is too heavy and slow to use.

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2023 Dodge Charger MPG and Fuel Economy

The Charger is a big, heavy car with a healthy fuel taste although it has an EPA estimate of below average in the city it has a fairly competitive highway rating. Although we haven’t tested the 5.7-liter V-8 on a real-world 75 mph fuel-efficient route. Tested the all-wheel-drive V-6 and the larger 485-hp V-8.

As a result, both engines are within 1 mpg of each other with six delivering 26 mpg on the highway and eight delivering 25 mpg.

2023 Dodge Charger Price

For the price of looking to unlock all the extra combinations, you have to pay an estimated $995 on top of the MSRP for the Charger or Challenger Hellcat Redeye Widebody. No matter what you end up choosing, Dodge will throw some nifty Jailbreak badges on the car, too.

The larger 485-hp V-8 that comes with the Scat Pack makes acceleration great again but costs about $5000 more than the R/T. Pricing for the 2022 Dodge Charger will start at an estimated $33,945.

  • SXT $33.945 est
  • GT $36,220 est
  • R/T $41,945 est
  • Scat Pack $46,270 est
  • Scat Pack Widebody $52,265 est

2023 Dodge Charger Release Date

Dodge admits electrification is on the way but that’s not the case for EVs. The non-electric model will play a big role in the years to come and unverified reports claim a plug-in hybrid model called the Hornet is imminent as well.

Dodge hasn’t announced when it will release the Charger but we expect to see it arrive in showrooms in the first quarter of 2023.