2023 BMW X1: The Next-Gen BMW X1 Small SUV Expert Review

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2023 BMW X1 The current generation X1 is the oldest crossover in the BMW lineup to date. It debuted in 2015 with a Mini-based platform and will be in its seventh year in production. A facelift in 2019 delayed the car’s aging, but either way, BMW’s smallest crossover will be redesigned.

According to BMW, the third-generation X1 will debut this year, in line with the brand’s seven-year life cycle for each model. Recent spy shots also suggest that the launch is relatively close as the test car unleashes more camouflage.

Because of that, we were able to piece together what the highway version will look like once it’s launched.

It seems that BMW will take a cautious approach to the All-New X1. The wide grille remains, but it won’t be like the XM or have the controversial “bucktooth” design of the Series 4.

Our renders also show the headlights that are bigger and more manly than the previous model. The bumpers were well hidden in the test vehicle, but we reckon the future X1 will have vertical angle air intakes.

Overall, the new look is the opposite of the brand’s latest (and opinionated) models and concepts.

As for the size, we don’t expect it to grow any more than the outgoing model. We reckon it will still stay under 180 inches since most of its competitors are pretty much the same.

However, the width and height may be increased by a few inches to make more room inside. For reference, the current X1 measures 174.8 inches (4,439 mm) long, 71.7 inches (1,821 mm) wide and 63.5 inches (1,612 mm) high.

While the exterior may be more evolutionary than revolutionary, we expected more dramatic changes on the inside. Recent spy shots show a wide floating screen housing the instrument cluster and infotainment system.

The center console consists of a long center armrest and storage compartment with iDrive controls right at the end. There is also a sizeable cubby hole just below the center pile.

As for the engine, it could be a range of mild hybrid gas and turbodiesel, along with at least one plug-in hybrid option. A high-performance version of the M35i is in the works, along with the all-electric iX1 model.

2023 BMW X1 Review

Before you start criticizing BMW for daring to put a quad exhaust on a four-cylinder car, let’s take a look at the competition. Audi Sport has been selling the S3 with four pots and a front-wheel-drive-based platform for years.

2023 BMW X1

The Mercedes-AMG “45” also has a small 2.0-liter engine and is derived from the FWD architecture while packing four rounded ends at the rear.

While the M135i hatchback, M235i Gran Coupe, and X2 M35i both feature dual tips, the next-generation X1 will be the first to rock a quad setup. It will also be the first M Performance version of BMW’s smallest crossover, but it won’t necessarily have the most power.

The original E84 came with an inline-six that cranked up to 300 hp in the xDrive35i spec. Coincidentally, that’s roughly as much as the current “235i” model.

Looking bigger than the previous model, the next BMW X1 was spotted undergoing last-minute testing in northern Sweden. This performance crossover caught on in a winter wonderland sporting a more mature look than being the ugly duckling of the X lineup.

Aside from the look-at-me exhaust, you can tell by the size of the front brakes it’s the spicy version. The production model will sit lower to the road than the regular X1 trim levels and should come with bigger wheels as this is a temporary winter set.

In addition to getting bigger and getting some M-derived goodies, the new X1 will have a fresh door handle design in line with the new 2 Series Coupe and 2 Series Active Tourer.

Borrowed from the minivan will also be the iDrive 8 infotainment with a pair of screens sitting next to each other, housed in a single piece of glass.

Like the mentioned compact models from rival brands, the M35i will be sold exclusively with all-wheel drive and most likely an automatic transmission too.

It will be built in Leipzig starting later this year, along with the next Mini Countryman – the first time when a factory in Germany brings together cars from different brands within the BMW Group.

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2023 BMW X1 Report Update

One of the company’s busiest years in recent history, 2022 will usher in the third-generation BMW X1. The company’s smallest crossover may not be so small anymore, according to a report from Auto Bild.

According to the German magazine, the U11 will bring a significant increase in length to 4.6 meters (181.1 inches).

If their sources are correct, that would make the new BMW X1 nearly 16 centimeters (6.3 inches) longer than the previous model. At the same time, it will be longer than the elongated X1 Li made and sold in China. The growth spurt isn’t too surprising as next-generation cars are usually bigger than their predecessors.

However, the jump in size is quite large and will bring the entry-level crossover closer to the 4.7-meter X3.

We shouldn’t be surprised if Auto Bild’s report is accurate considering the electric version of the BMW X1 has been confirmed. Batteries take up space, thus requiring a longer wheelbase, so rest assured that most of the stretching will occur between the axles.

Our sources say the iX1 will come with a dual motor setup, which will require more space to fit all the hardware.

With the BMW X1/iX1 mechanically twinning with the next-generation MINI Countryman, the latter also had to be much bigger. It will also get an EV variant and both will use the FAAR platform which provides access to petrol and diesel engines coupled to a plug-in hybrid powertrain.

Expect 38-kWh and 74-kWh batteries with a range of up to 250 miles (400 kilometers) in a WLTP cycle.

There may be iX1 20 and iX1 30 trim levels, with the former likely powered by a front electric motor. Rumor has it the base model will produce 180 hp while the more powerful dual motor can pack 250 hp.

Of course, an iX1 with a pair of electric motors will have xDrive. The iX1 will be pretty late as Mercedes has been selling the EQA for a while, along with the boxy EQB.

2023 BMW X1 Redesign

The BMW X1 M35i 2023 small performance SUV has been tested in Europe, ahead of full disclosure expected in early 2023.

Following previous prototypes of the standard combustion engine X1 model and the all-electric iX1 model spied on over the past 18 months, the new photos give the M35i a look at the performance-focused model – the first time BMW’s performance arm has left its mark on a small SUV, albeit in a small SUV. mid-level Performance M form.

While there’s still plenty of camouflage covering the prototype’s finer styling details, BMW M styling cues can be seen poking through the wrapper, including larger wheels and brakes, a lower ride height, sporty side skirts, and a unique rear diffuser.

Interestingly, the test car featured four exhaust tips – the main calling card of full-fat BMW M models, from the M2 coupe to the massive X6 M SUV.

While this would suggest the full X1 M is on its way, likely, the BMW M is simply spreading styling cues from the previous one. exclusive throughout its range.

This approach is seen in the new M440i Gran Coupe and i4 M50 performance models, which sport the M division’s signature ‘aerodynamic’ mirrors, though not the full M model.

It’s also similar to rival Mercedes-AMG, which debuted the ‘Panamericana’ grille on the GT R supercar, before launching it across every model in its portfolio.

These images don’t look at the cabin of the new X1 M35i, although previous sightings have suggested it would benefit from the new iDrive 8 dashboard seen in the new 2 Series Active Tourer, with a 10.25-inch digital instrument cluster, 10.7-inch touchscreen, and BMW’s latest software.

2023 BMW X1 M35i

The current generation X1 was launched back in 2015 and it’s no secret that it was never a very successful car. It’s no wonder BMW is preparing a major update for its next model to arrive in 2022.

In a recent press release, the company confirmed that the next X1 will be offered with a “combustion engine and fully electric drivetrain.”

This model will also receive the same treatment as the recently launched Series 1 and Series 2: An X1 version of the M35i which will replace the M version you normally get with cars like the X3 and X4.

The upcoming BMW X1 M35i was caught testing once again in winter conditions in Northern Sweden.

The prototype still wears a lot of camouflage, so it’s still really hard to see what it looks like, but we all know it’s not an actual M car; so you should just expect a sportier X1.

Of course, BMW didn’t give any details about this, but logic suggests that the X1 M35i will be powered by the same engine as the M35i versions of the 1 Series and 2 Series.

Both cars are powered by a 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine that produces a total of 306 horsepower and torque. 332 pound-feet. There’s little chance that the final output for the X1 M35i will increase to near 340-350 horsepower, especially if BMW plans to steal some of its Mercedes AMG GLA35 clients.

This model should also be offered with an 8-speed automatic drive system and all-wheel drive.

We already know that the next BMW X1 will be built on the same front-wheel-drive platform, but will be larger than the model it replaces. Spy shots also reveal that the massive grille we’ve seen in cars like the Series 4 and M3 will carry over. As for the M35i version, it has a more sporty touch.

The X1 M35i will also sit on bigger wheels, combined with bigger brakes and a tighter suspension.

The interior of the X1 M35i will be very similar to that seen in the 2 Series Active Tourer. The cabin will be clean and modern, with a curved look, sportier seats, and of course a sports steering wheel.

2023 BMW X1 iX1 Electric

Just a week after it was announced that the battery-electric BMW iX1 2023 will debut this year, further details have surfaced on the German company’s website.

BMW has listed the electric X1’s electric driving range as between 413 and 438 kilometers – but warns this is a “predicted value based on the vehicle’s current development status”.

The U11 iX1 driving range, first reported by BMWBlog, is thought to be available due to Germany’s stringent new car advertising requirements, which are designed to provide clarity to consumers.

The website also confirmed the regular X1 launch schedule, with pure electric and plug-in hybrid models following the launch of the internal combustion engine version.

The BMW iX1 2023 has been announced by the German automaker, after more than a year the prototype was out on the road.

BMW revealed plans for the upcoming electric X1 at the company’s annual conference earlier this week, teasing the model with sketches of the crossover’s front-end design.

While details haven’t been disclosed, BMWBlog reports the iX1 will come as an entry-level single-motor eDrive20 version with around 135kW, as well as a dual-motor xDrive30 variant with as much as 200kW.

Unlike the i7 – the company’s upcoming flagship electric sedan – BMW did not give an exact date for the iX1’s debut but promised an unveiling before the end of 2022.

“From the end of the year, the new iX1 will be our full-electric offering to customers in the high-volume premium compact segment,” BMW Chairman Oliver Zipse said at the event.

BMW says it aims to sell more than 200,000 electric vehicles by 2022 alone.

When the new generation X1 lineup launches, it will be one of the few model line-ups in the world to offer petrol, diesel, mild hybrid, plug-in hybrid, and fully electric powertrains.

BMW blog reports the iX1 will enter production in November 2022, with customer deliveries in Europe expected to begin in early 2023.

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2023 BMW X1 Interior and Exterior

BMW’s redesigned entry-level SUV will feature a similar wraparound screen arrangement as the new i4 and iX.

The BMW X1 2023 has been spied on testing, with our photographers taking a look at the interior.

Inside, there’s a digital instrument cluster and a touchscreen in the same assembly, with the latter tilted toward the driver.

BMW is rolling out this design feature across its lineup, although the X1’s dual-screen display is noticeably smaller than the i4’s and iX’s.

The upcoming electric model will sport a 12.3-inch digital instrument cluster and a 14.9-inch touchscreen infotainment system.

The grille on all X1 models is BMW’s more traditional style. While a double kidney will be linked, it will avoid the look of the new Series 4.

All models will likely receive flat door handles as seen on the i4 and iX. At the rear, the taillights have a LED signature similar to that of the 2022 X3 and X4.

The X1 will receive its first all-electric version – excluding the defunct China-only Zinoro 1E – which will bear the iX1 nameplate, giving BMW a rival to the Mercedes-Benz EQA.

Expect limited visual changes to the restyled bumper, unique grille, and available blue accents.

As part of BMW’s Power of Choice strategy, the X1 family will also offer internal combustion and plug-in hybrid gasoline and diesel engines.

It rides on a BMW foundation called FAAR, replacing the car’s current UKL2 architecture that it shares with the likes of the Mini Countryman and the BMW 1 Series and 2 Series Gran Coupe.

Along with support for both electric and pure-electric power, the new platform should allow BMW to move the X1 into a new era in interior design.

The current model, although recently updated, lacks the BMW OS infotainment system or the latest digital instruments.

It also misses systems like lane-keep assist and blind-spot monitoring, which are now common in rivals.

Nonetheless, it’s still a strong seller for BMW locally. As of late July 2021, the X1 outperformed the newer Mercedes-Benz GLA by 2,174 sales compared to 1992 for Benz.

2023 BMW X1 Engine

Under the hood, the new X1 M35i will likely be powered by an evolution of the Bavarian brand’s 2.0 liter ‘B48’ turbocharged four-cylinder petrol engine, paired with an automatic transmission (possibly an eight-speed torque converter box). ) and all-wheel drive with front bias.

However, it remains to be seen how much power the engine generates – and whether its performance improves above the 225kW/450Nm quoted by BMW’s current M35i model lineup, which consists of the M135i hatchback, M235i Gran Coupe sedan, and X2 M35i small SUV.

Should the engine receive a power surge, expect 0-100km/h time to drop below the X2 M35i’s current claimed dashboard of 4.9 seconds.

It’s possible the engine – which will be updated and be badged as ‘B48 TU2’ internally – could be coupled with a 48-volt mild hybrid system, according to the aforementioned 2 Series Active Tourer. Don’t rule out switching to a seven-speed automatic clutch.

The 2022 BMW X1 will enter production in July 2022, according to proven BMW insiders, meaning a global launch in early 2022.

2023 BMW X1 Price

The first rumors suggest the next-generation BMW X1 will go on sale sometime in 2022 as a 2023 model.

Prices will range from $35,000 for the base model to $50,000 for the electric iX1. As for the M35i version, it costs around $42,000.

2023 BMW X1 Release Date

However, the BMW M35i variant is not slated to launch from the Leipzig, Germany production line until July 2023 – it will likely launch in Australia in the fourth quarter of 2023, about two years from now.