2024 RAM 2500: All-New Update RAM 2500 Heavy Duty Review

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2024 RAM 2500 has been spied testing the next generation RAM which will have a release date of 2021-2022. Here we will present some interesting ideas regarding the 2024 RAM 2500 concept.

The new 2024 RAM 2500 will have a mix of ideas from the 1500 model. The main reasons are market expectations and expansion in European and Asian markets.

RAM sales are 84 percent in the United States, and regions such as Europe and Asia buy more of the division’s vans. In the years to come, there will be a new generation of PROMASTER City.

2024 RAM 2500 Review

In 2024 the RAM 2500 market truck continues through the cycle Ram Heavy Duty will receive updates for the 2024 model year. And as is the case with updated vehicles the Ram 2500 HD and Ram 3500 HD will likely feature more power and technology than the previous models.

2024 RAM 2500

According to the prototype spied out in the open the updated truck will likely feature a new Ram-air-style hood to help the engine breathe a little better suggesting it could be a higher horsepower (or torque) unit.

More airflow also implies improved cooling which can mean more towing and more payload from the mighty Cummins I6 diesel engine.

Another major upgrade for the Ram 2500 HD and Ram 3500 HD is expected to be the Clearview camera monitoring system sourced from Magna that can switch between the regular rearview mirror and video display to aid visibility especially when pulling.

The screen can be adjusted with up to three camera views visible at the same time as well as multiple fields of view. Some versions of the 2023 Ram 3500 will also receive the technology.

The truck market is heating up but not so much for models powered by traditional gasoline and diesel engines. Electricity instead is the new goal and Ram has to show that he wants to be a player in that sector by releasing his own electric lineup.

RAM has confirmed that a fully electric variant is on its way to debut in the fall of 2022 but we’ll have to wait a bit longer to see if any kind of electric powertrain will make its way to something bigger.

While we weren’t expecting it for the Heavy Duty Ram 2023 Stellantis also said that future big pickup trucks could run on hydrogen fuel cells rather than purely electric so we’ll just have to wait and see what the brand has in store.

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2024 RAM 2500 Refresh

The 2024 RAM 2500 is included in the minor updates that come to the heavy-duty lineup of revised hood designs, and a new set of exterior mirrors.

Updates are also expected to apply to the Ram Heavy Duty pickups already offering what some call a “deer mirror”. The mirror can switch from a wide-angle horizontal layout, flipping to a vertical layout for a better view of towing the trailer.

While deer mirrors have been effective, other manufacturers have come up with more technically advanced options.

new mirror designs will be available in power and manual applications. They will also house electric and heated glass and surveillance glass, LED pool lights, blind spot indicators, 360-degree cameras, rear, and front floodlights, LED turn signals, and a new tow camera.

Most of the features have been adapted into the deer mirror, but now there is no need to go out and turn it vertically.

2024 RAM 2500 Exterior

Regarding the exterior it will have a new grille and also the headlights will be better tucked into the nose. This truck has an eight-foot-long bed to carry a lot of your stuff. Spy shots haven’t been shown it yet and we think the first spy shots will be next year.

2024 RAM 2500

2024 RAM 2500 Interior

84-inch and 12-inch screens are both likely to be available. Upper models should have plenty of leather upholstery so that occupants feel comfortable when pulling heavy loads.

More advanced driver assistance features may also be available such as 360-degree camera blind spot monitoring, adaptive cruise control, and fixed lane assistance.

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Next RAM 2500 Powertrain

The choice of the 2500’s powertrain still remains a mystery. It is possible that the Ram offers 48-volt mild hybrid technology which is available with some engines in 1500. If the company goes this route then the changes will improve fuel economy and provide extra torque when driving away from stops.

Ram has confirmed plans to build a new generation or the RAM 2500 will be produced at its factory in Warren Michigan rather than in Saltillo Mexico like the current truck.

The new 2024 RAM 2500 heavy-duty model is also on the way.

The current version has the lowest average transaction price in its segment and the automaker intends to make the next generation of trucks more expensive. Additionally, Level 2 autonomous capability will be available in 2024.

New RAM 2500 Engine

We can also see an all-new hood design, which isn’t just for the new Ram 2500 Rebel model we saw in January.

2024 RAM 2500

It appears that certain 2023 models will get a new “Sports Performance Hood” design, similar to the Ram 1500 which features heat extractor vents in the hood.

This leads us to believe that the available Sports Performance Hood options will follow a similar availability pattern on Heavy Duty as it does on the Ram 1500.

That should make it available in the Rebel, Laramie Sport, Laramie Night Edition, and Limited Night Edition with the addition of an off-road-oriented Power Wagon as well.

2024 RAM 2500 Release Date

We predict Heavy Duty Ram 2500/3500 to start production in the 3rd quarter of 2023

2024 RAM 2500 Price

2024 RAM 2500 base trim level will cost you $45,500, per source. Plus, the luxurious Limited trim will definitely start at around $76,000