2025 RAM 2500: Next-Gen Heavy Duty Truck Reviews

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2025 RAM 2500 Is a Great Truck With A Choice Of Two Great Engines after the success achieved by the previous model. Therefore, the newest model in the 2025 RAM 2500 may also present several tremendous and impressive features.

However, until now, there has been no official information from RAM. However, the information from Andre Smirnov on the TFLTruck website reveals that Ram Trucks promises that the new Ram HD will be available later this year (in 2024). A company spokesperson did not provide the announcement’s exact timing or relevance. This is an important message because we often receive the following question: “When will the new or updated Ram HD be available?”

We know the Ford Super Duty recently underwent a complete overhaul and redesign for the 2023 model year. For the 2024 model year, GM’s heavy-duty pickup truck received many updates and additional trim levels. Will 2025 be the year of the Ram HD truck? We’ll have to wait and see.

The 2025 Ram 1500 has exterior design modifications, interior updates (larger screen), a new Tungsten trim level, core electrical system upgrades, over-the-air update capability, and new powertrain options. If we look into a crystal ball and anticipate the future, we might see similar modifications to the Ram HD line of trucks.

2025 RAM 2500 Reviews

The 2025 RAM 2500 Heavy Duty brand’s top contenders for maximum towing capacity are the enormous 2500 and 3500 HD pickups. When equipped with the high-output 400-horsepower Cummins diesel inline-six, the Ram 3500 can tow an impressive 37,090 pounds thanks to the powertrain’s exceptional 1075 pound-feet of torque.

Even with the standard 410-horsepower Hemi V-8 engine, the 2025 Ram HD still boasts impressive towing numbers that rival competitors like the Chevrolet Silverado HD and Ford Super Duty trucks. While the heavy-duty Ram trucks are undeniably robust, the driving experience from the driver’s seat is a little more refined.

Like the full-size Ram 1500 half-ton pickup, the 2025 Dodge RAM 2500 and 3500 models prioritize interior comfort and refinement. For those seeking a mix of work and adventure, the off-road-oriented 2025 RAM Power Wagon and Rebel models feature skid plates, all-terrain suspensions, and off-road tires designed to sling mud.

While many buyers of 2025 Ram HD trucks opt for the 2025 Dodge RAM 2500 Diesel engine and are willing to pay more, the standard 6.4-liter gas engine with 410 horsepower is also competent, even in the Ram 3500. For the best combination of capability, space, luxury, and affordability, it is recommended to go with the most popular model, the 2500 4×4 Crew Cab Laramie.

Even though more units are sold with the 2025 RAM 2500 Cummins engine, it is better to stick with the 410-horsepower V-8 engine, which is quicker in city driving and paired with an excellent eight-speed automatic transmission, unless you prioritize towing large trailers. Buyers can save money and invest in features like the limited-slip differential and load-leveling air suspension, further enhancing the Ram truck’s impressive ride quality.

2025 RAM 2500

2025 RAM 2500 Specs

  • Horsepower: 370 to 410 hp
  • Bed length: 76.8 to 98.4″
  • Towing capacity: 14,400 to 15,620 lbs
  • MSRP: From $47,740
  • Engine: 6.4 L V8, 6.7 L 6-cylinder diesel
  • Payload: 2,776 to 3,999 lbs

2025 RAM 2500 Updates

This time, we had the opportunity to update you on some of the latest 2025 RAM model updates. Exterior updates were also made, but significant changes were made to the powertrain. The 2025 Heavy Duty lineup will receive a considerable update following the 2025 Ram 1500 design cues.

This refreshed model will feature a new grille design, updated headlights, updated front bumper, and new taillights. However, those hoping to transition from the fourth-generation heavy-duty cabin to the fifth-generation design may need to wait a little longer, as the latest spy photos reveal that the cabin design remains unchanged.

Interior and technology upgrades include the introduction of a 14.5-inch touchscreen, which will be standard on higher trims and optional on mid-level trims. The 8.4-inch Uconnect 5 system is likely to continue in the Tradesman model, and the 12.1-inch Uconnect 5 system also makes a return, as evidenced in these spy images.

Also uncertain is whether the updated Heavy-Duty truck will adopt the new Atlantis electrical architecture debuting on the 2025 Ram 1500. Without this update, technologies such as passenger screens, head-up displays (HUDs), and hands-free highway driving features may not be available on the current 2500/3500 models.

2025 RAM 2500 Updates

Exterior-wise, the Heavy-Duty models will retain most of their current styling, except for an updated grille, headlights, possibly a new front bumper, and taillights. The new headlight module has horizontal styling elements that likely carry over from the grille, separating the headlights and turn signals. LED headlamps are expected to be standard across all trims.

Based on the exhaust, this pre-production model is likely testing the 6.4-liter Hemi V8, rumored to receive an emissions-focused update. While speculation has been about including a new twin-turbo Hurricane inline-six engine, current insights suggest that the engine will not soon feature in the Heavy-Duty lineup.

The spotlight will likely be on the Cummins Turbo Diesel powertrain. Ram is set to replace the older 68RFE and Aisin AS69RC 6-speed automatic transmissions with the more modern and efficient ZF Powerline 8-speed automatic transmission. According to our sources, Ram plans to capitalize on this move by opting for a single diesel powertrain option over the standard output and high output strategy they have used for over ten years.

With this update, there is intense anticipation around increased power and torque in the Cummins engine. Ram aims to surpass the benchmark set by Ford’s 6.7-liter Powerstroke High Output, which produces 500 horsepower and 1200 lb-ft of torque. 2025 will be an exciting year for the Ram brand, with significant updates across its most popular products.

2025 RAM 2500 Redesign and Refresh

The 2025 RAM 2500 will undergo significant design changes. The vehicle will have a more modern and elegant appearance, with a larger and more aggressive grille. The more aerodynamic design will make the car more fuel-efficient, while the better suspension will make the driving experience more comfortable. In addition, the vehicle will also be equipped with new features such as a 360-degree camera and LED lights.

Ram Trucks is in jeopardy as one of its main competitors has quietly dethroned the rugged 1500 TRX model as the full-size, high-performance pickup truck champion.

Interestingly, Ram had predicted this for a long time. After all, the 2023 Ram TRX has nine versions and starts at $85,700, while the 2024 model costs over $10,000 more and has a starting MSRP of $95,735. Even worse, the TRX is the final model year for the 702 hp 6.2-liter supercharged V8-powered monster, as the updated 2025 model lineup no longer includes it.

Speaking of the 1500 series, Ram released a complete redesign of its family, with the 3.6-liter V6 eTorque engine being the only exception. Besides the base powerplant, there will no longer be a Hemi V8 option, and instead, Ram will launch a 3.0-liter Hurricane inline-six turbo engine with 420 or 540 horsepower.

There’s also a new Ram 1500 Ramcharger in town. It has a 3.6-liter V6 engine that drives a generator that recharges the big battery—this range-extender model is rated at 663 horsepower.

So, what does the future hold for the Ram Trucks brand? According to digital automotive content developer Inventive Domain, it’s time to overhaul the Ram 2500 and 3500 HD series.

2025 RAM 2500 Redesign and Refresh

At least, that’s what the folks at the AutoYa info channel on YouTube think, who have created a CGI rendering of an undisclosed 2025 or 2026 Ram HD model with a facelift. After a sabbatical from CGI duties, the pixel master is back with a bang with the 2025 RAM Heavy Duty truck.

After all, it’s not that difficult. Following in the footsteps of the revised 1500 series, the 2500 and 3500 HD will receive slight modifications, such as new headlight styling and slightly modified bumpers. More importantly, the hosts are confident they will follow suit and use the Hurricane factory and the range-extending 663 hp 1500 series plug-in EV.

On the other hand, Enthusiasts would like to see an updated transmission for the Cummings diesel and a high-output version become the standard engine worldwide.

Ford looks as strong as ever in the battle for supremacy in the full-size pickup truck segment. The all-new fifth-generation Super Duty is already rolling out from Kentucky Truck Assembly and Ohio Assembly, as are the 2024 F-150s, including the upgraded 720 hp Ford F-150 Raptor R, which will arrive at dealers nationwide.

It seems GM is waiting to see what Ford and Ram do for the 2024 and 2025 model years—or perhaps they’re too busy with the Silverado EV and Sierra EV issues to worry about conventional versions.

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2025 RAM 2500 Interior

The interior of the 2025 RAM 2500 will also undergo significant changes. The vehicle will have a larger touchscreen and a more advanced infotainment system.

In addition, drivers will also enjoy new features such as voice recognition and gesture control that will make vehicle operation more accessible and safer. The cabin will also be equipped with higher-quality materials, providing a more luxurious driving experience.

2025 RAM 2500

More Advanced Technology

Not only performance, but the RAM 2500 will also be equipped with more advanced technology. Features such as a larger touch screen, a more accurate navigation system, and a 360-degree camera will make the driving experience more accessible and safer.

In addition, the RAM 2500 will also be equipped with intelligent features such as voice recognition and gesture control that will make it easier for drivers to operate the vehicle.

More Modern Design

The 2025 RAM 2500 has always been known for its rugged and masculine design. However, in 2025, it will undergo a more modern and stylish design change.

The RAM 2500’s more aerodynamic design will make it more fuel-efficient, while its more elegant exterior appearance will make it even more appealing.

Better Off-road Capability

The RAM 2500 has always been a vehicle of choice for off-road enthusiasts. In 2025, it will be equipped with even better off-road capabilities.

A more advanced 4-wheel drive system will enable the vehicle to pass through various rugged terrains. In contrast, a better traction control system will stabilize the car in heavy terrain conditions.

2025 RAM HD

  • Drivetrain Four-Wheel Drive
  • Engine Order Code ESB
  • Engine Type and Required Fuel Regular Unleaded V-8
  • Displacement (liters/cubic inches) 6.4 L/392
  • Fuel System Sequential MPI
  • Maximum Horsepower @ RPM 410 @ 5600
  • Maximum Torque @ RPM 429 @ 4000
  • Cooling System Capacity (quarts) NA
  • Engine Oil Cooler None

2025 RAM 2500: All-New RAM 2500 Heavy Duty Truck Reviews

2025 Ram 2500 Rebel Crew Cab 4×4

Exciting things are happening again. This time, the information we obtained from HDRams mentions the recent minor but relevant updates. Heavy Duty will receive a new grille design, headlights, an updated front bumper, and a new set of taillights. The trucks recently got a new performance hood option for the 2025 model year.

The dashboard’s updated design is a cover-up, showing the new 14.5-inch Uconnect 5 touchscreen that the 1500 model just got on its top-tier models. While we don’t see any new technology, like the presence of a head-up display (HUD) through the windshield, it makes us curious if Ram is giving the updated Heavy-Duty truck the new Atlantis electrical architecture that the half-ton model receives. If not, this could stop some of the latest technology on the current 2500/3500 trucks.

However, while the design changes may not be a complete overhaul, our sources say that the most significant changes have happened for some time. According to some sources, the new Heavy-Duty diesel truck will utilize a new standard 8-speed PowerLine® transmission sourced from ZF. This will be a significant update for diesel vehicle owners, allowing the trucks to achieve better fuel economy, smooth gear shifts, and improved towing capabilities.

The ZF PowerLine transmission is already being used in several medium-duty commercial truck applications and should make 2500/3500 customers who were afraid of Chrysler’s 68RFE very happy.

For those who don’t opt for diesel power, the 2025 Ram Heavy Duty truck will continue to offer HEMI® power under the hood. The 6.4-litre HEMI® (BGE or Big Gas Engine) V8 engine returns with a slight update to meet ever-increasing emissions requirements. We’re told the engine will continue to be mated to an 8-speed 8HP75-LCV automatic transmission sourced from ZF.

2025 RAM 3500

Of course, the Ram 3500 is ready for almost any type of towing or hauling, with a high-output Cummins six-cylinder turbodiesel available. The RAM 3500 produces 420 horsepower and 1,075 lb-ft of torque, its most essential attributes. With the right equipment, it can qualify for a maximum towing capacity of 37,090 pounds.

With user-friendly features for everyday work and outstanding heavy-duty capabilities for work and play, the Ram 3500 is a pickup truck designed for hard workers.

  • Equipped with a 6.7L High Output Cummins® Turbo Diesel I6 engine, the Ram 3500 has a maximum diesel towing capacity of up to 37,090 pounds, which allows you to tow campers, trailers, and other vehicles.
  • With comfortable seating, plenty of cargo space, and premium features, the Ram 3500 is designed to turn heads while getting the job done.
  • Many of the standards available for everyday driving are available for the Ram 3500, which enhances the driving experience and boosts your confidence.

One Ram pickup truck family member is the Ram 3500, which has a comfortable cabin and reasonably good driving speed on paved roads. It has many up-to-date technology features, including a new digital instrument panel and a vertically oriented 12-inch touchscreen infotainment system.

Heavyweight competitors have closed the gap since the big RAM was released, but the 2025 RAM 3500 Rumors is still the best truck in terms of torque. In addition to offering available and viable technology, the Ford F-350 and F-450 Super Duty give the Ram 3500 an edge in towing and hauling.

In addition, the Chevy Silverado 3500HD is always there. Which brand you trust or which offers the best price often determines your choice. By choosing Ram, we are confident that you will succeed.

If nothing else, 2025 RAM 2500 Changes: The Ram 3500 Limited, Tradesman, Big Horn, Laramie, and Longhorn are available in five primary trim levels. In addition, there are three cab models: crew cab, extra-large crew cab, and mega cab.

Each model has a standard (6 feet 4 inches) or long (8 feet) bed. However, there aren’t many ways you can combine each trim, cabin, or bed. Read on for details and features of the 3500 engine.

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2025 RAM 2500 Color

In 2025, the RAM 2500 will have several new color options to expand users’ choices. These may include pearl white, metallic black, dark gray, and maroon red.

2025 RAM 2500 Color options

  • Granite Crystal Metallic
  • Light Arctic Gray
  • Bright White
  • Pearl White
  • Gucci Black
  • Dark Garnet Red Pearl
  • Patriot Blue Pearlcoat

2025 RAM 2500 Engine Options

So far, we predict that the new 2025 Ram 2500 could be ordered with a 6.4-litre Hemi V8 engine (410 horsepower/429 pound-feet). If you prefer diesel, opt for the 6.7-litre Cummin I6 (370 horsepower/850 lb-ft). While the 2025 Ram 1500 will get a 540-horsepower I6, the Ram 2500 appears to lag for at least the next model year.

Despite comparing different Ram horsepower ratings, heavy-duty diesel truck lovers understand that torque is the most critical metric for towing. The Cummins I6 is one of the most significant towing engines available due to its standard output of 850 lb-ft.

The high-output Cummins (only available on the Ram 3500) produces 420 horsepower and 1,075 pound-feet of torque. Diesel fans appreciate this engine’s flat torque profile. But do you know what torque curve is flatter? Ram 1500 Rev.

A 250 kWh drive unit will power each axle of the electric Ram 1500. Power can reach 663 horsepower and 615 pound-feet of torque. The great thing about an EV is that it produces maximum torque at 0 RPM.

With so much power, it’s no surprise that Ram offers its electric 1500 that can tow 14,000 pounds. That’s about the same as some configurations of the V8 2500. Towing can reduce an electric truck’s range by half.

Ram’s response to this dilemma is the new Ramcharger pickup truck, featuring an electric drivetrain and a 3.6-liter Pentastar V6 engine. The internal combustion engine is not connected to the wheels but connects to the battery. When the truck battery is low, the engine automatically starts and recharges the battery.

Under the hood, the RAM 2500 in 2025 will be equipped with a more advanced and efficient engine. The vehicle will have more powerful engine options, including more efficient and environmentally friendly diesel engines.

The four-wheel drive system will also be improved, with better traction control and off-road capabilities. The vehicle will also have more responsive braking systems and advanced safety features.

Better Performance

The RAM 2500 has been known as a rugged and reliable vehicle on and off-road. However, the RAM 2500 in 2025 will have even better performance. With a more advanced and efficient engine, it will produce more power yet have lower exhaust emissions.

In addition, a better suspension system will also make the driving experience more comfortable.

Improved Safety

In the face of increasingly challenging road conditions, the RAM 2500 in 2025 will also be equipped with more advanced safety features. More responsive braking and collision avoidance systems will make the driving experience safer.

In addition, the RAM 2500 will also be equipped with security features such as door locks and anti-theft alarms that will provide extra protection for the vehicle and its passengers.

2025 RAM 2500

2025 RAM 2500 Price

So far, there is no official information regarding the Ram 2500/3500 price. However, depending on the trim and extras, we expect it to range from $50,735 to $92,400.

Lone Star$55,265
Big Horn$62,725
Power Wagon$74,585

2025 RAM 2500 Release Date

The RAM 2500 is expected to be released in the United States at the end of 2024 or early 2025. The updated 2025 Ram Heavy Duty lineup will go into production later this year at the Saltillo Truck Assembly Plant in Mexico.


The RAM 2500 in 2025 will be a reliable and rugged pickup truck with significant performance, design, and technology improvements. With a more modern and aerodynamic appearance and a luxurious interior with advanced features, this vehicle will be an excellent choice for users looking for a versatile and efficient pickup truck.

With a more advanced and efficient engine and better off-road capabilities, the RAM 2500 is also suitable for use in various situations, whether transporting goods or challenging off-road adventures. With new colour options, users will have more choices to customize their vehicles according to their preferences.

However, although the RAM 2500 in 2025 will have many significant improvements, its price may be higher than the previous model. Users should carefully consider this before buying this vehicle, especially if they have a limited budget.

Overall, the RAM 2500 in 2025 is a beautiful pickup truck with many significant improvements in performance, design, and technology. With these improvements, this vehicle will be an excellent choice for users looking for a reliable, rugged, and versatile pickup truck. However, users should also consider the price of this vehicle before deciding to buy it.

We’ll keep you updated with more developments regarding the 2025 Ram 2500, so be sure to bookmark our website for more RAM 2500 news and constant coverage of exciting RAM information.

FAQs: People also ask about the 2025 RAM 2500

Q: What are the updates for the Ram HD 2025?

A: Ram provides its full-size truck a redesign and other updates for 2025. The Hemi V-8 has been replaced with a new twin-turbocharged inline-six with 420 or 540 horsepower. The outward stylistic changes to the truck are slight, but they make it look more modern and as attractive as ever.

Q: What is the next generation of the Ram 2500?

A: The new 2023 Ram 2500 Rebel® has remarkable towing and carrying power with gas and optional diesel engines, and it comes standard with heavy-duty off-roading improvements. Without a doubt, this Rebel is eager for adventure. To order this beast, contact your nearest dealer right away.

Q: How much horsepower does a 2025 Dodge Ram have?

A: For 2025, Ram will offer two Hurricane variants: the normal Hurricane, which produces 420 hp and 469 lb-ft of torque, and the Hurricane High Output Straight-Six Turbo, which produces 540 hp and 521 lb-ft of torque.

Q: What are the trim levels for the 2025 RAM?

A: Tradesman, Big Horn, Lone Star, Laramie, Rebel, Limited Longhorn, Limited, and Tungsten are the eight trims for the 2025 Ram 1500.

Video Discovery: New 2025 RAM 2500

In the last session of this part of the post, we provide you with an exciting video. Autotrader posted a video at 4:47 on a YouTube channel, giving us the latest insight.

A video entitled “2025 Ram Ramcharger is a game-changing hybrid pickup truck!” is a plug-in hybrid pickup truck with impressive power and range. The 3.6-liter V6 engine, gas tank, and onboard generator can recharge the two electric motors and one battery.

This results in an electric vehicle with more than 660 horsepower, a range of nearly 700 miles, and a potential towing capacity of 14,000 pounds.