2020 GMC Sierra HD AT4

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2020 GMC Sierra HD AT4

2020 GMC Sierra HD AT4 When we were talking about pickup trucks about ten years ago, the general notion was a Barebone truck that only knows how to lift weights. It was also taken as a fact that, since these are difficult vehicles, it would be easy to get away from the road. But, as we all know, a pickup is not automatically qualified to explore untravelled or non-existent routes. Fast forward to 2019, and GMC has launched a truck called the GMC Sierra HD AT4 which is muscular, can travel off-road without showing its “Jungle-Ness”, and has an interior that can put well-loaded sedans and seen to shame. We finally have a heavy version of the Sierra AT4, so let’s check it, right?

The 2020 GMC Sierra HD AT4 is for people who are looking for a non-nonsense truck. It looks nasty, aggressive, and has a design language that will grow on you soon enough. The GMC Sierra HD has never flown the limelight in its lifetime; Sometimes because of the competition, sometimes because he plays winger to his cousin, the Silverado HD. However, GMC has decided to distinguish the Sierra Heavy-Duty in three different forms-the Sierra HD base, the Sierra HD AT4, and the Sierra HD Denali-Each being a more luxurious hero in its own way.

First Stuff first-the 2020 GMC Sierra HD AT4 is intimidating and scary no matter what angle you look at. Unlike its counterparts, the Sierra HD AT4 does not get an overdose of chromium anywhere on its body. The dark theme looks chic and Butch at the same time. The hood has a fully functional hooded shovel to cool the big engine underneath.

It does not receive the Gawdy chromium treatment and has rather proportionate horizontal slats, thin in front and vertical at the back. The headlights are the same, large units found on the Sierra HD that feature C-shaped LEDs and daytime running lights. The bumper is finished in the color of the body and houses the fog units as well. The bottom of the bumper receives the black plastic coating which is more important than that of the Sierra HD. The tow hooks are painted in red which makes them more important compared to the hooks on the Sierra HD.

The lateral profile looks neat with a large wing mirror and a badge on the front fender and side door. The 18-inch wheels wrapped in the Michelin tires look a little small, thanks to a raised position and flared arches. There is an option to upgrade to 20-inch wheels, however, so that is easily remedied if you have some extra large hidden somewhere. Like its HD counterpart, the 2020 Sierra HD AT4 also comes with a longer wheelbase than the 2019 model.

As a general rule, car manufacturers do not pay attention to the tailgate of a truck. In the majority of cases, the rear seems too clear when comparing the garish forehead. GMC, however, managed to make the back look rare, without meddling around much

The backside looks exactly like the Sierra HD with the exception of the double-tipped exhaust with silver finish. The six-lane adjustable MultiPro tailgate makes its way here. It is one of the most innovative tailgates that offers six unique functions and positions to help work or load things in bed much easier than with a standard tailgate. The MultiPro tailgate can withstand up to 375 pounds and has two buttons for the operation and release of the inner door.

Details such as dark chromed exterior accents, black chrome grille, body color bumpers, and red tow hooks further distinguish the AT4 from other Sierra HD models. The off-road trim also features standard leather seating surfaces and a large 15.0-inch screen that includes an exclusive AT4 inclinometer.

Anyway, every 2020 Sierra HD features a crisp cabin design from the Sierra 1500. Emphasizing ergonomics and styling functionality, the interior of the rugged GMC pickup provides the driver with all the tools needed to comfortably carry heavy payloads or tow large trailers. An integrated trailer-brake controller and an external camera system available capable of displaying up to 15 different views in the dashboard-mounted infotainment screen, including a “transparent trailer” view that uses the Tailgate and a camera accessory mounted on the back of the trailer to create a flow that practically “see (s) through” the trailer. Additional towing assistance is provided by the largest outdoor mirrors of the Sierra HD, a trailer control system, and more.

2020 GMC Sierra HD AT4

Like the Chevrolet Silverado HD 2020, the Sierra HD is home to a new gas V8 sub-hood. While GMC is not quite ready to share details on its heavy-duty pickup gas engine, the brand opens on the postponement of the truck, diesel-drinking 6.6-liter V8 turbocharger which produces 445 horsepower and 910 pound-feet torque. Supported by a new 10-speed automatic transmission, the powertrain is said to collect a towing note exceeding 30 000 pounds. This is a major improvement over the current truck, which manages a maximum towing capacity of 23 100 pounds for rear-3500HD models using a fifth wheel or gooseneck coupling.

The 2020 Sierra HD will be on sale by the end of the year. Although GMC did not release a price for the truck, we expect the new Sierra HD to start at over $35, 000.