2019 Chevrolet Traverse LS

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2019 Chevrolet Traverse LS

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The low-hanging station wagons are cool. Long SUVs are sometimes cool. Tall wagons like the previous three-row Chevrolet Travers, disguised as a parade. It’s not cool. Although this is a new one, the second generation is the first, Cool-er. I don’t know that a three-line thing can be a really big C, but it’s close.

2019 Chevrolet Traverse LS

The basic engine is a massage 3.6-liter direct injection V6 making 310 HP and 266 lb-ft; Upgraded Unit company 2.0 liter Turbo four. This engine provides 255 Hp and 295 lb-ft of torque. V6 18/27 mpg turns, turbo-is better than 20 mpg in four cities, but it only makes 23 on the freeway. In the meantime, there are also for driver versions of the front wheel; Wait for all-wheel-drive models to get a little bit less on both ends. A new nine-speed Hydra-Matic distributes automatic electricity, which is where RUB starts.

2019 Chevrolet Traverse LS Specs

The new sleeper is all about that area (treble). The third row is behind 23 cubic feet, with 58.1 folded third row and fits almost 100 cubic feet with both second and third row twists. The second row seats slide front and AFT different passenger dimensions and the curbside fold the latter row perch, even with the child seat facing forward, allowing third-row passengers. The road Test Editor Jr. Still has the rear-facing child seat–they like 9 now so you have to face this way–so I don’t get to see how well it works. A good idea, it also looks cool that is being employed by Nissan and others.

2019 Chevrolet Traverse LS

The new Chevrolet Travers is still a great family tool for 2018. The sister GMC Acadia, which is shrinking as part of its reicname, has opted to pursue its leadership, breaking up the trio which also includes still-large Buick settlement.

The three GM crossovers used to share a platform known as LAMBDA have been the popular valiant for their respective brands. But for this new generation, they’ve migrated to a new mid-sized crossover platform known as C1, which with Cadillac XT5 and the new Acadia. The bones are stretched for the next generation Travers and settlement so the real eight passengers can stay, the three-row family crossovers, which in turn envisions the Buick and leaves a Still-to-nest little CUVs as they come to Chevy under.

The 2018 Travers will be the prime to compete with the current summer, Jeep Grand Cherokee, Ford Explorer, Toyota Highlander, Honda pilot and Nissan Pathfinder.

Unlike GMC Acadia, who went for a softer look, the 2018 Travers emigrated to a more truck-like look, both inside and out selling itself as an SUV than a CUV. There are hidden compartments in the area of a twin cockpit, truck size storage boxes and rear cargo, said John Cafaro, Chevrolet Global Designer.

2019 Chevrolet Traverse LS Interior

The new traverse size decreased, the two-inch predecessor and full eight inches longer than the new Acadia’s with a wheelbase (although it still shares the basic architecture with GMC). It pays dividends for passengers: Chevrolet claims that the new Travers provides more space and Legom for second and third row riders-impressive, considering that the outgoing Travers had already had one of the widest cabins in its class. Compared to the cargo area old Travers, the new model’s space behind the third row, 23 cubic feet, is still shrinking despite the Honda pilot (16 cubic meters) and the Ford Explorer (21 cubic feet) beat opponents like. Likewise, although all seats are folded in total cargo space 116 cubic feet down to 99 cubic meters, this figure manages the same way as the large-boned Volkswagen Atlas’s 97 cubic feet top.

2019 Chevrolet Traverse LS

Chevrolet’s designers have completed the SAC 2018 Travers, which adopts a more checkered look compared to its predecessor. New front end, with a large hexagon grille surrounded by narrow headlights, small 2018 Chevy Equinox crossover mirrors. A body-color C-column is more steep, similar to the Acadia, although different headlamps breaks the side glass area for the truck profile and rear end.

2019 Chevrolet Traverse LS Engine

Under the skin, Chevrolet 351 pounds (comparing the front wheel-drive base models), which claims to be a weight saver that brings more than a few smaller competitors, such as pilot and Toyota Highlander, to traverse in line with more. Most models, GM’s familiar 3.6-liter V-6 provide its 305 horsepower and 260 lb-ft of torque with the motivating power (and a 5000-pound attractiveness rating). Strangely, the larger the Chevrolet smaller Acadia, this engine has a less powerful version of 310 horsepower and 271 lb-FT makes its 3.6 liters.
Travers’s new RS trim level is also amazing, the forward sporty version of the Travers comes with only front-wheel drive and Turbo 2.0 liter four-cylinder 255 horsepower. The Turbo has more torque than the quad V-6, 295 lb-ft, but the RS model doesn’t seem to live up to the black trim, and claims to tuning the racier suspension with any real performance advantage.

Both RS and V-6 – Reinforced trim levels (L, LS, lt, Premier and High Country) come standard with GM’s new nine-speed automatic transaxle and engine stop/startup system. These upgrades help to significantly fuel the economy; Chevrolet estimates pre-traction-driver V-6 Model will win 18/25-MPG city/highway rating, front Drive-only four-cylinder RS 20/23 mpg will receive. Even though this 2.0 T motorway number seems to be low, either the engine provides a big splash on the current sleeper V-6, which takes 15/22 MPG city/Highway whatever drive wheels.

2019 Chevrolet Traverse LS

2019 Chevrolet Traverse LS Price

The latest generation of the new Travers is a better looking shaft, but so a lot of competition. The striking Mazda CX-9 is our favourites and the new Volkswagen Atlas has been built by Americans for Americans and features the kind of Americans want. Ford Explorer is still a giant of three-line class, more sales double what traverse moves. It’s a tough piece, but that’s why Travers has been updated very well.
I want to try the Turbo version; Maybe nine speeds play better. But this is my only complaint. Traverse has enough features that you think your child will be cool, it doesn’t feel like a giant on the road–even though it looks almost as big as a suburban–and 25 MPG sneezing nothing for the hustle.
The Travers LS $32,995 starts and starts at $35,495 Lt. Chevy hopes these two will be the bulk of sales. The high country that controls all the boxes starts with a whopping $52,995. All these prices include targets. The Explorer and Highlander have about the same price range. CX-9 is probably the best in this class, but the new, cooler-looking traverse graphs are moving up. With the redesign, Chevy hopes to go in his mind like this.

2019 Chevrolet Traverse LS

Vehicle Highlights
  • Presented with L, LS, lt (cloth and Leather trims), RS, Premier and High country models, AWD are available
  • Sitting up to eight
  • Standard 3.6 L V-6, 2.0 L turbo engine with RS model offered
  • RS includes a unique, blacked out exterior tips with black chrome grille, black bow, 20-inch wheels and more
  • High-country features include Premium content and technology, Loft Brown leather appointments and suede microfiber accents, 20-inch polished wheels, High country badding, D-optical headlights, standard twin clutch AWD and power-fold unique interior trim with third-row seats
  • Super Serial version available. The content includes red accents, black exterior appointments, dark tailamps, black tie emblems, double-air two-panel power-up ceiling, black sleeper badming with trailer pack and more, Blackwheels
  • Active Aero shutters in all models
  • LED Daytime Running Lights
  • LED D-Optical bi-function headlights are standard in Premier and high country
  • Keyless Open and start is standard on all models
  • Power Liftgate lt is standard in leather, RS, Premier and High country; LT fabric is available.
  • Power liftgate Premier and standard in high country with Hands-Free working and bow tie emblem projection
  • Tri-Zone automatic climate control is standard on all models
  • My connected 7-inch radio system is standard on L, LS and LT fabric; My contacts are standard in 8-inch Radio lt leather, RS, Premier and High country; LT Fabric is available
  • Connected radio systems feature Apple CarPlay and Android auto compatibility
  • OnStar 4g LTE Wi-Fi hotspot is standard on all models (includes 3 months/3GB data trial)
  • The 3.5-inch display drive Information center is standard on L, LS and LT fabric; Driver information is standard in screen color, 4.2-inch display LT leather, RS, Premier and High country; LT Fabric is available
  • The warm, leather trimmed front seats are standard in the LT leather, RS, Premier and High country; LT Fabric is available
  • Ventilated front seats and heated second-row exterior seats are standard in Premier and high countries.
  • The heated steering wheel is standard in Premier and high country
  • Wireless device charge is standard in Premier and high country
  • Adaptive Cruise Control and power folding third row seats are standard in high country
  • Remote Start Standard LT leather, RS, Premier and High country; LT Fabric is available
  • Teen drive is standard on all models