2022 Jeep Gladiator: New Great Specs With Fully Capable Jeep Review

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2022 Jeep Gladiator Jeep hasn’t offered a model with a cargo bed since the early ’90s, but Gladiator 2021 has finally provided a cool and useful tool for fans of the brand. The mid-size pickup truck is essentially a more versatile version of the popular Jeep Wrangler. It pulls in more (up to £ 7760 versus 3,500) than its SUV counterpart, and the longer wheelbase helps it ride better too.

However, the truck requires regular steering input when driving on the highway to avoid getting lost, and is not as easy to maneuver on trails as the smaller Wrangler. Along with a powerful V-6 and standard stick-shift transmission, the Gladiator offers a 442 lb-ft torquey diesel engine option. While the 2021 Gladiators could get expensive in a short period of time,

Jeep has yet to announce a complete list of changes to the 2021 Gladiator lineup, but it has confirmed what we already knew: the truck with a seven-slot grille will add diesel engine options. The oil-fueled 3.0-liter V-6 will develop a substantial 260 horsepower and 442 lb-ft of torque.

While we are still awaiting EPA fuel economy rates and figures, we were informed that diesel would be offered on the Sport, Overland, and Rubicon models.

2022 Jeep Gladiator Report

The JL Wrangler brings many firsts to the iconic off-road Jeep SUV. This is the first model to be offered with a pickup option, the Gladiator, and will be the first to get a hybrid, 4xe. What’s most interesting, however, is the latest disclosure of the Jeep Wrangler Rubicon 392, complete with a 470 hp Hemi V8.

Given the similarities between the Wrangler and Gladiator, it’s logical to wonder if Gladiator 392 or Gladiator 4xe is in the works. However, according to Motor Trend, Jeep has not confirmed it will do so.

This isn’t to say Jeep won’t produce either or both, but the Gladiator derivative doesn’t have the green light at this point, it is said. But the FCA might try to get journalists astray.

However, Jeep engineers admit the 392 will fit under the hood of the truck, suggesting that a model is likely. The mid-size pickup segment is missing its current V8, and that’s what’s been since the death of the Hummer H3T Alpha. The Jeep Gladiator 392 will be a spiritual successor to fill that void.

The Wrangler 392 is based on the svelte Rubicon, and we wouldn’t be surprised to see Jeep offer the Hemi V8 in the Mojave trim to make it a more complete desert runner. Also, they can beat the Ford Ranger Raptor in this segment, because the high-performance Ranger is not expected until the next generation. It won’t get a V8 either.

As for the 4xe hybrid plug, the battery pack will fit under the rear seat, again signifying the project is worth it. The 4xe Gladiator will also be alone in this segment as a mid-size pickup plug.

The fact that the two weren’t given highlights the fact that the Wrangler and the Gladiator were very similar vehicles, they followed different development paths. The Gladiator has a Mojave model, and although it’s rumored to be coming to the Wrangler, the model isn’t here yet. Obviously, these siblings are similar, but not the same.

However, if the FCA as a whole proves something, they are listening to customer requests. People wanted Hellcat and Durango powered Ram pickups, so they built the TRX and Durango Hellcat. Jeep fans have been crying for the V8 Wrangler for years, and they finally made it. If enough customers show interest in the Gladiator 392 or 4xe, there’s a good chance it will. Or has it happened?

2022 Jeep Gladiator Interior

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Inside, there is a steep board that supports Gladiator Wrangler imitation and user-friendly controls. Durable details include starting a waterproof button, and optional comfort features such as a heated steering wheel and heated front seat.

Jeep says the truck’s stretchy wheelbase increases the rear-seat legroom over the four-door Wrangler. The gladiator also has body and roof panels that can be removed easily to create an open cab. Together with a five-foot cargo bed, the Gladiator is filled with ingenious interior storage options.

The cabin has several places to attach the smartphone and a practical compartment hidden under the rear seat. The chair itself can be stowed in a variety of ways and then locked securely in place when the trail turns dangerous.

Each model has a standard touchscreen, but only the larger 7.0 and 8.4-inch screens come with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. The stereo system can also be upgraded with an optional subwoofer and portable wireless speakers behind the rear seats. Front seat passengers will be aware of several power points, which include two USB and a USB-C port; a 115-volt outlet also available.

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2022 Jeep Gladiator Engine

The gladiator is powered by a 3.6-liter V-6 engine producing 285 horsepower and 260 lb-ft of torque channeled via a standard six-speed manual transmission or an optional eight-speed automatic. We tested the Overland model automatically, which took 7.2 seconds to go up to 60 mph. In other words, it is a little slower than most competitors. Jeep adds a 3.0-liter V-6 diesel engine, which makes 260 ponies and a powerful 442 lb-ft of the rev.

Compared to the regular Wrangler, the Gladiator has an additional 19.4 inches between the front and rear wheels. Jeep says this helps improve pickup ride and handling. Now that we’ve run a few examples, we can confirm that it’s driving like a Wrangler.

The steering of the truck is not very precise and it can be busy to ride on uneven surfaces. Even so, these characteristics are part of the formula that makes the Gladiator the official pickup truck and road-ready tool.

After all, most hobbyists care about the truck’s off-road equipment, which includes everything from excessive skid plates to rock crawling axle ratios to water wading capabilities of up to 30 inches. The large ground clearance and approach/departure angles further helped the Gladiators conquer the unknown.

When properly equipped, the Gladiator can pull out an impressive 7650 pounds. Even the weakest version can tow a 4000-pound trailer. In comparison, the Wrangler is only rated to be able to pull up to 3,500 pounds. Those looking to load a Gladiator cargo bed can carry a payload of between 1105 and 1,700 pounds.

2022 Jeep Gladiator MPG

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The EPA lists two separate city and highway estimates for Gladiators. The model equipped with the standard manual transmission has a speed of 16 mpg in the city and 23 highway. The automatic gearbox increases the estimated city mpg to 16 and lowers the highway figure to 22 mpg. We only tested the Gladiator with an automatic transmission on our 75 mph highway route which helps us better evaluate real-world fuel economy.

The Overland model is the most efficient version, delivering 21 mpg on the highway, but the Mojave makes a much lower 15 mpg. However, the latter is equipped with larger tires and a higher rear axle ratio than Overland (4.10 versus 3.73).

2022 Jeep Gladiator Price

We think the Sport S is the perfect canvas for creating our ideal Gladiator. It comes standard with a 285-hp V-6 and manual transmission. We’ll be wearing a striking Hydro Blue paint with a matching optional fender.

We’ll also be choosing all-terrain tires and an anti-roll rear differential for increased traction when the blacktop ends, and we’ll add a side ladder for easier entry and convenience.

We’ll also choose a three-piece hardtop for its ability to quickly open the roof. Inside, we’ll add a headliner for better noise and temperature insulation and upgrade to a larger 8.4-inch touchscreen, as it adds navigation and is more sophisticated than the standard 5.0-inch unit.

Our other picks include the Cargo Management package (400-watt power inverter, under-seat storage,

  • Sport $ 35,060
  • Sport S $ 35,060
  • Willys Sport $ 36,760
  • Willys $ 40,755
  • Overland $ 41,910
  • Altitude $ 42,000 (est)
  • 80th Anniversary $ 43,255
  • Rubicon $ 45,390
  • Mojave $ 45,390
  • North Edition $ 48,000 (est)