2019 Chevrolet EL Camino

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2019 Chevrolet EL Camino

2019 Chevrolet EL Camino welcome to our website carsauthority.com a website that discusses various types of car models that are popular in the world, we really expect our website to be your choice in speaking automotive world, I hope you enjoy our review. Only with the introduction of a vehicle like 2017 Chevy El Camino this car manufacturer could offer something that is long awaited by many customers. This vehicle can be the ideal solution for those who do not need full-size truck capabilities, and they do not like the overall picture of large pickups. If Chevrolet manages to provide a car-like truck with El Camino, don’t be fooled into thinking that its only advantage would be the appearance. A smaller model would mean lower weight, while the aerodynamics would be much better than on the regular ute you would have to opt for instead of this. As a result, we are getting much better fuel economy, handling and performances.

2019 Chevrolet EL Camino

The combination of iconic look and modern lines is something very possible, and we saw it on more than one car in recent years. What we could get can be with Holden ute, who is actually the successor of the El Camino in some ways in the preview. Changes would be needed here, but we can see what direction it could take. When it comes to the inside, it’s the even simpler situation than Chevrolet could choose to borrow it from Holden or they could even bring something similar to what we get in Colorado. This could be the right choice as it has the price to stay competitive, as the Colorado is smaller and cheaper truck of two that this company has to offer.

It’s easy if Chevy wants this one to be successful you need to combine iconic looks with modern tech brings interesting design with competitive price in a decent capable package.

Finally. Take the champagne, break the wine bottles and pop open the beers: the El Camino is almost back. Well, at least somehow. Before we dig deeper into the details, let’s first immerse ourselves in the history of El Camino. When it was launched in the 1980s, it proved to be a reasonably big success for Chevrolet. Chevy himself say that the El Camino is a big part of its history and a very important role in it. Not having a modern El Camino means that new, younger generations do not get to experience the same enthusiasm associated with it. Well, to fix that, Chevrolet is planning to build just that: A modern El Camino with a much newer design. As the proverb says, Legends never die. Well, if the El Camino lives again, you can be sure that this is true.

If there is one thing that people hate more than not having a revival of an iconic model, it is the failure and disappointment of a revival that does not meet expectations. It is therefore important that Chevrolet nails the new El Camino exactly. This means a perfect blend of new technologies and design, but mixed with traditional El Camino features and cues. A high order when we talk about a car in such a high rank. Luckily, they seem to know what they are doing (of course they are, it’s Chevrolet!). The El Camino is almost certainly based on the Alpha platform of GM. This means that there is a light body that is great for stiffness and stiffness, both things you want to get in a car like the El Camino. As El Camino However, even the pictures show the differences to the other Alpha products: for example, there is the small pickup bed on the back. There is even more cargo bay and there will be a two-door, two-seater exclusively.

2019 Chevrolet EL Camino Exterior

Now we can only go as far as guessing and rendering as it will look, but the few images we’ve seen don’t seem to be that far away. In essence, the front-end of the B-pillar is a Chevrolet Camaro (or at least similar), but that’s where the similarities end. For where the Camaro would have a sloping rear line with a fat and muscular rear part, the El Camino is missing.

Instead, you get a B-pillar that is angled differently than the Camaro and the line goes over the rear fender is C-shaped. The taillights and headlights just seem to be lifted from the Chevrolet Camaro and the quad exhausts don’t differ too much as well. The wheels seem to be identical, but the final version (when it comes out) is almost certain to have its own custom made.

2019 Chevrolet EL Camino Interior

The interior will be very similar to the Camaro, but as El Camino, we can expect some cues to refer to the original. GM likes to use the same parts for their entire lineup, sometimes regardless of the price difference. This fact has a lot of hatred and criticism of GM from some automotive pros who blame GM that they have not thrown any effort into their much more expensive models, so they are almost exactly like their base models. The last few years proved anything but that, however, and GM has greatly improved its quality, to the point where it is now able to go head to head with the best of them.

Strictly speaking, Chevrolet is probably the least luxurious GM brand. Not that it is bad, but both Buick and Cadillac are much more luxurious brands, so that Chevrolet sometimes seem bland and weak in comparison. In reality, however, the fit and the surface are just as good as they are and like almost any other brand, but the materials suffer a little. You can still get some cheap plastics and even the accessories may seem fake sometimes. The effort is there, however, and we can’t really complain as it is far away from the old days where everything rattled and fell apart.

2019 Chevrolet EL Camino

2019 Chevrolet EL Camino

As a two seater, you only get one room for 2 people obviously. But where the Camaro ends with its regular trunk, the El Camino continues thanks to a massive bed on the back. Compared to a standard Camaro boot, it should offer 200-300% more space, and that is only in capacity up to the top of the bed, let alone over.

2019 Chevrolet EL Camino Price

No word on the release date only or even debut only yet, but we hope we get to see it before 2017. The price is a secret too. A base Camaro is somewhere around $35K and that should be the price of the El Camino will also be the destination.