The New 2025 Dodge Durango Review: Dodge SUV with 3rd Row Seats

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2025 Dodge Durango is a popular SUV model in the United States known for its tough performance and sporty design. Our expectations for 2025 are high as Dodge Durango is set to unveil its latest model with significant changes to both its design and performance.

The Dodge Journey quietly disappeared without much attention, but the Dodge Durango was almost met with the same fate.

However, Stellantis chose to save the Durango, which is one of the first three-row crossover SUVs on the market.

2025 Dodge Durango Review

The Durango is well-suited for families and has a rugged quality reminiscent of classic V8 muscle cars. It comes with a standard 3.6-liter V6 engine and is also available with a powerful 5.7-liter Hemi V8 engine, which has an excellent towing capacity. The Durango also has three rows of seating and comfortable amenities.

2025 Dodge Durango

For those who want even more power, there are monstrously powerful SRT variants available, starting with the 475-hp Durango SRT 392 and ending with the supercharged, 710-hp Durango SRT Hellcat, both of which are reviewed separately. Here’s a complete review of the 2025 Durango.

2025 Dodge Durango Specs

  • Model: 2025 Dodge Durango
  • Type: SUV
  • Passenger Capacity: 7
  • Engine: V8 6.4 liter or V6 3.6 liter
  • Maximum Power: 485 hp (V8) or 295 hp (V6)
  • Maximum Torque: 470 lb-ft (V8) or 260 lb-ft (V6)
  • Transmission: Eight-speed automatic
  • Fuel Efficiency: 13 mpg (city) and 19 mpg (highway) for the V8 engine, and 19 mpg (city) and 26 mpg (highway) for the V6 engine.

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2025 Dodge Durango Interior

The 2025 Dodge Durango boasts a modern and comfortable interior, along with the latest infotainment system and a larger touchscreen display. The advanced audio system is equipped with premium speakers, and safety features like lane departure warning, forward collision warning, and blind spot monitoring ensure a safer driving experience.

Durango Exterior

The 2025 Dodge Durango has a modern and aerodynamic exterior design. The grille is larger and more prominent, and the LED headlights with daytime running lights add to the car’s aggressive look.

The vehicle’s slim and aerodynamic design is emphasized by the sharp lines on the body. The LED taillights offer better visibility during night driving.

2025 Durango Color

The 2025 Dodge Durango comes in various attractive colors, including Octane Red, Granite Crystal, Billet Silver, Destroyer Grey, F8 Green, Reactor Blue, DB Black, and White Knuckle.

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Dodge Durango Engine

The 2025 Dodge Durango’s engine is more powerful and efficient. The car is equipped with a V8 6.4-liter engine that can produce up to 485 hp, while the V6 3.6-liter engine can generate up to 295 hp.

The cylinder deactivation technology allows the engine to use only a few cylinders when the load is light, making the car more fuel-efficient.


The 2025 Dodge Durango’s engine offers a more powerful and efficient performance. The V8 6.4-liter engine can produce up to 485 hp, while the V6 3.6-liter engine can generate up to 295 hp. The cylinder deactivation technology makes the car more fuel-efficient.

2025 Dodge Durango Price and Release Date

The official price and release date for the 2025 Dodge Durango has not been announced yet. However, SUV enthusiasts can expect the manufacturer to announce the prices and release date soon.


The 2025 Dodge Durango is an SUV that offers the latest design and a more powerful and efficient engine. The interior is modern and comfortable, and the safety features make the driving experience safer.

The 2025 Dodge Durango is an ideal choice for those looking for an SUV with a tough performance and sporty design.