2023 Mercedes Benz: All-New Mercedes Benz Redesign Preview

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2023 Mercedes Benz CLE will reportedly replace the two-door C and Es models. Mercedes-Benz will consolidate its range by replacing the two-door variants of the C-Class and E-Class with a nameplate, according to a recent report. This model, called CLE, will make its world debut in 2023.

Plans to optimize the automaker’s lineup have been in the works for years. An American merchant compared the portfolio to a Cheesecake Factory restaurant menu, and it was the low-volume niche model that was successful.

Coupe and convertible sales are falling at an alarming rate, so developing two-door versions of the new C-Class and later E-Class makes no business sense.

Leaving one of the segments is also not an option, as the halo model plays an important role in shaping the image of the company, even if they are not great sellers.

British magazine Auto Express found that the four-seater CLE will split the difference between the C and E. Offered as a coupe and as a convertible, it will likely ride on the same modular MRA-2 architecture as the recently released fifth generation.

The latest in C-Class and S-Class. Most variants will be powered by a four-cylinder engine, according to the same source, but in some markets, there may be a six-cylinder in-line engine.

It is too early to say whether Mercedes-AMG will receive its own version of the car; The two-door C-Class has spawned the fat, fire-breathing AMG derivatives, but the two-door E-Class historically hasn’t. This has been configured for the AMG-lite branch, such as the E53.

From a design perspective, the CLE (shown in the spy shot above) will borrow style cues from the latest addition to the Mercedes family but isn’t expected to share the existing model’s sheet metal.

It will be its own, in its own segment in between. The convertible will use a soft top material instead of a hardtop that folds up with more weight.

If the rumors are true, the Mercedes-Benz CLE will debut in 2023, which means it probably won’t arrive in showrooms until the model year 2024. It’s not even the next two-door model we’ll see in Stuttgart; The new SL (called R232 internally) is getting ready to open the lid with an available all-wheel-drive system and AMG-only range.

It is expected to make its global debut before the end of 2021 and go on sale as a 2022 model.

Mercedes-Benz has adopted this strategy before. In the 2000s, when the two-door C-Class existed there was only the Sport-Coupé hatchback (later called the CLC).

And the company developed the original CLK (W208) on the chassis of the first-generation C-Class (W202). Buyers don’t mind, so the second-generation CLK (W209) shares its foundations with the second-generation C-Class (W203), and the first E-Class Coupe (C207) is an evolution of the third-generation C-Class.

Class (W204). The two-door E-Class didn’t get the E-Class bone until the current model debuted in 2018.

2023 Mercedes Benz CLE

2023 Mercedes-Benz CLE Could Replace E- and C-Class Convertible, Spy photos of the new Benz droptop, plus an updated trademark for the CLE class name, suggest that the automaker will be streamlining its coupe and convertible lineup.

Mercedes will introduce a new coupe and convertible model called the CLE class, according to an AutoExpress report.

The CLE will serve as a replacement for the C-class and E-class coupe and convertible variants as Mercedes reduces the number of models in its lineup.
We look forward to seeing CLE debut in 2022 as a 2023 model.

Mercedes-Benz sold six different convertible models at one point, but the automaker slashed the number of convertibles in its lineup.

The convertible S-class and SLC-class are gone, and now new spy photos and a new US trademark for the name “CLE” suggest that the single model will replace the two-door versions of the C-class and class. E.

The CLE class, which will be sold as a two-door coupe and convertible, appears to be a spiritual successor to the previous CLK class, which also bridges the gap between the C-class and E-class sedans.

It is likely to be mechanically similar to the one. new W206 C-class sedan, which will come with a turbocharger as standard. 2.0-liter in-line four in the US We could see the CLE300 as a basic version, with the possibility for the CLE450 to use the turbocharged 3.0-liter in-line six found in the E-class.

While Mercedes-Benz’s current lineup includes a C-class and E-class convertible, both will be replaced by a single model for the 2023 model year, perhaps under the CLE class name.

Details are scant so far, but we’ve seen spy photos showing that Mercedes-Benz is developing a new ragtop, and a trademark filing reveals that the CLE class name is on it. We’re not sure which powertrain the CLE class will offer when it debuts, but we’re expecting a mix of four- and six-cylinder options.

While it could replace the C and E-class Cabriolets, the spy photos make the prototype appear closer in size to the recently redesigned 2022 C-class sedan, meaning its closest rivals are the Audi A5 and BMW. 4 series.

The CLE class is sure to spawn a Mercedes-AMG variant and can even be paired with the ultra-luxurious Mercedes-Maybach lineup.

Despite the new CLE class name for Mercedes, the concept of a convertible spanning the compact and midsize markets is nothing new. The CLE class could be the spiritual successor to the long-retired CLK class model, which equally straddles the gap between the two segments.

We expect to see the CLE class revealed sometime in 2022 and go on sale soon after as the 2023 model year.

In this spy photo, we can see that the CLE-class convertible is a bit more swoopy and stylish than the four-door C-class, with wider proportions and more beautiful rear.

It has a fabric soft-top rather than a heavy and complex retractable hardtop. Its closest competitors are the BMW 4-series and Audi A5 convertible, both of which also have soft tops.

We expect the outgoing C-class coupe and convertible models to be discontinued for 2022, while the two-door E-class might last a bit longer until the CLE class is revealed. The initial price will likely be around $60,000.

2023 Mercedes Benz CLE Price

Mercedes-Benz hasn’t disclosed any pricing or equipment information, but the CLE class could follow the new trim lineup launched with the 2022 C-class sedan, which starts with the entry-level Premium and works up to the Exclusive and Pinnacle models.

Either way, we expect to see a premium price for the new convertible, with prices starting at around $60,000.

  • Premium $60,000 (est)
  • Exclusive $63,000 (est)
  • Pinnacle $67,000 (est)

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2023 Mercedes Benz GLC

The next generation of the Mercedes-Benz GLC-Class has been seen again.

The current GLC-Class arrived for 2016 and received a mid-cycle update for 2020. In Mercedes tradition, we will see the redesigned model arrive in 2022 as the 2023 model.

The new GLC-Class looks set to grow a bit for the next generation, it will probably give the recently launched GLB-Class some breathing room while also adding interior space.

However, the new GLC-Class will remain in the small SUV segment, where it is destined to fight the Audi Q5, BMW X3, and Volvo XC60.

The proportions have also changed slightly. The hood appears to have been stretched and the roofline lowered. The hamstrings also appear more prominent. The resulting look should be slimmer and sportier than the current model.

Under the skin will be a platform shared with the redesigned 2022 C-Class, albeit a version designed specifically for high-driving models. In other words, it will be an updated version of Mercedes’ MHA (Modular High Architecture) platform that underpins the current GLC-Class.

The updated platform will provide significant weight savings primarily through the increased use of aluminum over steel. This is made possible by advanced joining technologies including aluminum-to-steel welding.

As for powertrains, the 2.0-liter turbocharged inline 4-cylinder will likely remain the entry-level option. In addition to this, there will probably be the same 2.0-liter engine in some form of hybrid combination.

Most, if not all, GLC variants will feature some form of electrification, including the upcoming Mercedes-Benz AMG GLC63, which is expected to be downsized to 4 cylinders.

Engineers are also likely to develop a new GLC-Class Coupe. It will arrive between six months and a year after the normal GLC Class.

2023 Mercedes Benz Class C

Mercedes-Benz has redesigned the C-Class for the 2022 model year, but so far we’ve only been dealt with sedan and estate body styles.

Soon there will also be new versions of the C-Class Coupé and the C-Class Cabriolet, the latter recently spied to test the prototype in Germany.

Judging from the spy photos and videos, the C-Class Cabriolet isn’t just a shortened C-Class sedan with two fewer doors and a missing roof.

The convertible appears to sport a more muscular stance and slightly slimmer headlights. It should also have a larger footprint than its predecessor, due to the slightly larger size of the new C-Class.

The interior design should better match the sedan, which means that buyers should enjoy a 12.3-inch digital instrument cluster and an 11.9-inch infotainment screen (with the vertical layout) as standard.

As for the roof, Mercedes seems to continue to use the soft top design, even though the manufacturer has disguised it a lot, so we cannot see the original shape.

The unveiling of the Class C Cabriolet will occur in late 2022 or early the following year. A C-Class Coupé will arrive at your side.

Convertible sales have been declining as more and more buyers turn to crossovers. As a result, Mercedes has lowered its drop-top. Mercedes has eliminated the SLK-Class and the S-Class Cabriolet and will soon eliminate its GT Roadster.

A new SL-Class is coming to replace those high-end convertibles. Mercedes also offers the E-Class Cabriolet, although it is unclear if this model will last for the next generation.

While not confirmed yet, we may also see the C-Class All-Terrain added to the C-Class family.

This model will be a wagon-bodied smooth-road vehicle, much like the larger E-Class all-terrain we receive. in the US, and hopefully, we’ll see a version of the C-Class in local showrooms as well.

The C-Class sedan arrived in the US in the first half of 2022, initially only with the appearance of the C300.

The C300 has a 2.0-liter engine that makes 255 hp and 295 pound-feet of torque on its own, and paired with a 48-volt mild-hybrid system that can add 20 hp and 148 pound-feet for short bursts. . More options are to come, including AMG’s hot C53 and C63 models.

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2023 Mercedes Benz EQB

As Mercedes-Benz prepares to launch its full lineup of electric vehicles, the boxy EQB—based on the gasoline-powered GLB class SUV—joins the coupe-like EQA among the first offerings under the new EQ subbrand.

An all-electric powertrain with at least 221 horsepower and a driving range of somewhere between 200 and 250 miles is a good start—though we’ll probably see bigger power numbers on the dual-motor offering as well.

Similar to the GLB class SUV, the EQB offers a spacious cabin with high-end materials; third-row seats are available but comfortable enough and most adults won’t feel comfortable.

The EQB is a new model for the Mercedes-Benz lineup and will go on sale in North America at the end of 2022.

We expect the available EQB trim levels to reflect the larger EQC levels, but we haven’t set a price yet.

We don’t know exactly how the EQB will be equipped or what features will be standard or optional, but we’ll find out closer to the SUV’s sales date.

  • Progressive $57,000 (est)
  • Premium $62,000 (est)
  • Advanced $67,000 (est)

2023 Mercedes Benz EQB Engine

The EQB will likely share powertrain and battery components with the swooper EQA, and the two are expected to share chassis components with the petrol-powered GLA-class and GLB-class SUVs.

The entry-level model will be the EQB250, which will come with a 221-hp electric motor and front-wheel drive. All-wheel drive may be optional and a more powerful EQB350 model may also be offered.

When we get a chance to test drive the EQB, we will update this story with test results and driving impressions.

2023 Mercedes Benz EQB Battery

The 66.5 kWh battery in the EQA should fit under the floor of the EQB, but Mercedes could opt for a slightly larger package for the boxier version of its subcompact electric SUV.

A driving range of at least 200 miles per charge will be required to be able to compete with rivals such as the Audi e-Tron and Tesla Model Y. We’ll find out more about the EQB sale date.

2023 Mercedes Benz EQB MPG

Once the EPA tests the US version of the EQB, it will provide an efficiency rating in MPGe, which is the equivalent of miles per gallon for electric vehicles.

Once we get the EQB up for testing, we’ll run it through our 75-mph highway fuel economy route and report the results here. For more information on EQB fuel economy, visit the EPA website.

2023 Mercedes Benz EQB Interior

Mercedes has brought the cabin from the GLB class SUV to the EQB with a few changes that help set it apart from its petrol-powered counterparts. There are five seats in two rows with optional pop-up third-row seats.

2023 Mercedes Benz

Neatly trimmed door panels, soft leather upholstery, and bright metal trim all give an upscale look to the EQB cabin. The EQB, like other EQ models, also features beautiful rose-gold interior accents.

Mercedes says the addition of a battery pack does interfere with passenger and cargo space, but we haven’t had a chance to evaluate this ourselves.

Mercedes-Benz’s latest MBUX infotainment system is on display inside the EQB. It offers a touchscreen, voice commands, and steering wheel controls for audio, navigation, and other functions.

We found the new interface frustrating to use at times, especially the over-enthusiastic voice assistant that pops up every time you say the word, Mercedes. Navigation offers features to help drivers more easily find EV charging stations.

2023 Mercedes Benz Release Date

So far we don’t know when the official release schedule of the 2023 Mercedes Benz will be. We continue to monitor and will update the latest developments.