2019 Suzuki Ignis Review

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2019 Suzuki Ignis Review

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The Suzuki Ignis is a genuine much needed refresher in the city auto class, offering attractive hybrid style looks and an unmistakable character that separates it from rivals. Love or abhor the outside, you need to acknowledge that there’s little else at this cost with so much identity. 

2019 Suzuki Ignis Review

The Ignis additionally adheres to Suzuki’s standard characteristics of offering huge amounts of hardware for not a dreadful parcel of cash, and in spite of the dinky measurements it’s in reality exceptionally adaptable and open. It’s light, and feels coordinated and nippy around town, yet the market’s best little autos are both more agreeable and more made to drive. 

The Ignis lacks the class of city autos like the Skoda Citigo inside, with some shoddy trim yet when you think the amount you’re paying, it’s altogether pardonable. Four-wheel drive, and a super-thrifty half and half variation, implies there are a lot of strings to this little Suzuki’s bow. 

2019 Suzuki Ignis Specs 

The Ignis shares the commonplace Suzuki family quality of being better than average an incentive for cash. What’s more, notwithstanding looking past the appealing rundown costs, it ought to demonstrate shoddy to run. Indeed, even the non-half and half 1.2-liter motor deals with an asserted consolidated figure of 61.4mpg and discharges 104g/km of CO2, which is noteworthy for a non-turbo unit. Even better, we thought that it was anything but difficult to surpass 50mpg in ordinary driving, with the goal that figure appears to be reasonable. 

The half and half deals with a marginally better guaranteed 65.7mpg consolidated economy and discharges 97g/km of CO2, however in the event that you spec it with four-wheel drive those numbers crawl out to 60.1mpg and 106g/km. Those figures are among the best in the city auto class, while the 4×4 form is significantly more cheap than the Fiat Panda Cross with an oil motor. The main disadvantage is the little 32-liter fuel tank. 

2019 Suzuki Ignis Engine

Two motor decisions are accessible in the UK (a diesel is accessible in a few markets), either the standard 1.2 oil or the mellow half breed 1.2 SHVS. Both motors make 89bhp, yet the last uses a battery to store vitality and help enhance economy and emanations. All models accompanied a five-speed manual gearbox as standard, while the standard 1.2 can be had with a five-speed auto at additional cost. 

There are three trims in the range: SZ3, SZ-T and SZ5. All are truly very much prepared, with LED headlights, atmosphere control and DAB radio as standard. SZ-T includes Bluetooth, sat-nav and crisis braking, while the SZ5 highlights keyless section and beginning and a turning around camera, while Allgrip four-wheel drive is accessible as a choice on this adaptation. The 1.2 petroleum is accessible in all trims, while the SHVS rendition is offered in SZ5 trim as it were. 

Your motor decision is restricted on the off chance that you need an Ignis. To minimize expenses, Suzuki offers only a 89bhp 1.2-liter four-chamber “Dualjet” oil motor, with the alternative of an inventive 48v gentle cross breed framework for economy-disapproved of purchasers. 

The standard 1.2 is not really wasteful, on account of the little weight it needs to pull along. Around town there’s a lot of jab to get you about, with a smooth gearshift giving you a chance to keep it on the bubble. 120Nm of torque isn’t a terrible part, in any case, so on motorways and up slopes you’ll have to rev it hard just to stay aware of movement. It’s loud when you do as such, as well. 

2019 Suzuki Ignis Review

Suzuki claims a 0-62mph time that is around two seconds quicker for the SHVS half breed demonstrate. The Ignis’ 48-volt framework utilizes a basic belt-driven ‘Coordinated Starter Generator’ (which likewise goes about as a starter engine) giving electrical help amid increasing speed. A little battery pack stores the vitality from the regenerative brakes. It’s a set-up that is less expensive, lighter and more straightforward than a full half breed, managing without the substantial batteries and electric engine. 

2019 Suzuki Ignis Price

There aren’t numerous characteristic adversaries to the Suzuki Ignis, on the grounds that it’s somewhat bigger than a city auto, however isn’t exactly as large as a supermini. Costs extend from just shy of £10,500 up to £15,000, and in case you’re subsequent to something peculiar then the Renault Twingo and Smart ForTwo/ForFour models offer something other than what’s expected, while the Fiat Panda has a thick pseudo-4×4 vibe about it – and it’s accessible as a 4×4, as well. Somewhere else, the typical city auto suspects merit considering, despite the fact that these won’t offer as much space as the Ignis.