2022 Honda Ridgeline: All-New Ridgeline Review, Release Date and Price

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2022 Honda Ridgeline looking from previous generations of Honda after taking the 2015 and 2016 model years, the Honda Ridgeline returns with a completely new look in 2017.

Even though it looks new, the source material remains to be a Honda Pilot, as in the previous generation.

With this truck which is still relatively fresh and unique in a medium-size pickup room, we hope that the Honda Ridgeline 2021 gets a mild refreshment but remains largely unchanged.

2022 Honda Ridgeline Preview

Honda Ridgeline is unique in its use of unibody construction, unlike the back-body-on-frame used by every other pickup truck.

The unusual layout brings its advantages and disadvantages, but the result is clear: Ridgeline is our favorite middle-class pickup.

Ridgeline is based on the Honda Pilot SUV, and the two vehicles are almost indistinguishable from the driver’s seat.

That’s good because the shared seats and interior design give Ridgeline better seating comfort and a more luxurious appearance than other medium trucks. The rear bench is also much wider than those in competitors.

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And because of its crossover foundation, Ridgeline driving is much more comfortable than other trucks – medium or vice versa.

Unfortunately, Ridgeline’s elevation height is reduced relative to other pickups and the lack of long-distance gearing makes it less able to be off-road compared to opponents. It also has a lower towing capacity than other medium trucks.

Buyers who need their trucks to do trucking things might be better with a Toyota Tacoma or Chevrolet Colorado. On the other hand, if you stick to the sidewalk and only want the utilities provided by the bed, the 2022 Honda Ridgeline might be a better choice.

2022 Honda Ridgeline Interior

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Inside, the Honda Ridgeline 2022 is fun for the family with its stylish, clean, easy-to-see Pilot-sourced dashboard and offers a standard 8-inch touch screen infotainment system.

It also has 36.7-inch rear legroom, giving the most spacious passenger space. We hope this crossover-based cabin remains the same in Ridgeline 2021.

On top of the 8-inch touch screen, the Ridgeline 2020 standard features include keyless ignition, Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, Bluetooth, and more. We hope this will remain the same in 2021 too.

2022 Honda Ridgeline Exterior

Outside, we hope that the 2022 Honda Ridgeline will continue with the same basic look since 2017, which is a Honda Pilot with a bed.

This design might not be sought after by truck enthusiasts, but it is a good balance for someone who needs an occasional truck but doesn’t like the rough appearance most pickups have.

Although the basic design will remain, we expect a few minor changes to the soft parts. Honda hasn’t yet confirmed this light refreshment, but we hope to see updates on the bumper and maybe the grille and headlights.

2022 Honda Ridgeline Engine

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On the engine side of the Honda, the Ridgeline is currently moving a 3.5-liter V6 engine that pumps 280 horsepower and 262 pound-foot torque paired with a nine-speed automatic transmission.

Power goes to the front wheels as standard, but all-wheel drive is available. With an all-wheel-drive, Ridgeline’s crane capacity rings at 5,000 pounds – around 2,000 pounds shorter than most of the others in its class. This powertrain is likely to remain the same in Ridgeline 2021.

Honda Ridgeline is now rarely found in automotive spaces: trucks that have gone through full safety testing. Thanks to the “Good” crash testing scores in all key IIHS areas and the standard “Superior” automatic emergency braking system, Ridgeline 2020 is the Top Safety Choice of IIHS.

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That said, except for some structural work, Ridgeline 2021 will not maintain its Top Safety Pick rank. The latest IIHS criteria require a “Good” score in the overlapping test for the passenger side, and the Ridgeline 2020 only gets an “Acceptable” rating.

Otherwise, we hope that all the ratings and other standard safety features remain the same in Ridgeline 2021.

2022 Honda Ridgeline Price and Release Date

Honda has not yet announced an official sales date for the Ridgeline 2021. Based on the previous release schedule, we expect an early arrival-2021.

But we assume the upcoming Honda Ridgeline 2022 will be a little more expensive than its predecessor. At the moment, Ridgeline is worth $ 32,000. The new model will cost $ 33,000 or slightly above that.

On the other hand, the Black Edition, as the most luxurious variant starts at $ 52,000. A new medium-size pickup truck will go on sale later in 2021, maybe around November.

Prices have also not been confirmed, but without major changes, the 2021 Ridgeline pricing will likely remain close to the current MSRP model range from $ 35,020 to $ 44,640